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July 2000 Archive
News @Monday, July 31, 2000 - 16:00:16 - tu
Not much going on today...
Dont bring your Palm court if your a Juror.
DEFCON 8 I am of course missing it.
Along with of course Burning Man.
Scour get put under the microscope.
Going after Napster has increased the amount of music piracy online.
I heard an interesting thing the other day. The winner of the polls after the second convention has won the white house in most of the elections over the past 50 or 60 years. I think they said only Dewey and Carter were the acception.
Poll: Bush 44% Gore 39% Story Here
Democrats go after Cheneys record on kids.
A couple stories on Cheney's Daughter and Here and Here
McCain gets heckled in Philadelphia for say nice things about Bush.
If Colin Powell joins the Bush ticket he would be at odds with others on policy issues.

Falwell Reassures the Religous Right @Sunday, July 30, 2000 - 19:10:25 - tu
Salon article on Dick Cheney's Daughter who happens to be a lesbian.
Very good article (read in my Visor)
Story about drudge (scumbag) outing Cheneys daughter.
Um I think she was already openly gay. Drudge story here

On fox news Cheney was asked about Falwells words about his daughter.
His answer was peoples private lives are that. I totally agree. (thats a scary thought)

I haven't heard what Falwell said but I can just about imagine....
Found it. (Damn, give me time I can find anything online. =)
Basiclly he sent a letter assuring the religous right that Cheney's 'Erant' daughter wont
turn the republican party in the a Gay party.
Story here
He is a complete bigot and... *grin*

Falwell warning of the Pagan Lilith and of the Slayer called Buffy
(Wow, that was close I know some people who went to one of those, must warn them) Jerry aint running this site.

South Park @Saturday, July 29, 2000 - 16:05:11 - tu
I just got done watching the last couple episodes of south park. I just love that show. I get a big kick out of them spoofing religion. The priest tells the boys about hell and confessing their sins. Timmy, who can only say Timmy of course can't confess. The boys go a little crazy over all of it. The second show, satan has a talk with god, and we find out only mormons get into heaven. Oh yeah god says he is a buddhist too (then he ate this fly.)
This one is right up there with the one where they crucified Cartman.

Found this breakdown table of world religions.
1993 World Religions
  1 Catholics
  2 Muslims
  3 Nonreligious
  4 Hindus
  5 Protestants
  6 Buddhists
  7 Athiest
  8 Other Christians
  9 Orthodox Christians
10 Chinese folk religionists
Anyone seen any newer charts like this?? Email me

FF 9 Commerical @saturday, July 29, 2000 - 10:22 - tu
Its out in Japan.
Nov/Dec U.S.
release date.
Download Here
(3096k Mpeg)

Final Fantasy 9 Fan page

@Friday, July 28, 2000 - 16:52:55 - tu
Yo!nk is some kinda file sharing agent. looks interesting
Don't Forget
Beta Bites
Music 4

Jurassic Methane whacky.
Pagan Panties
Hawaii changes logo. It was a rainbow and everyone knows rainbows are gay.

Morning Musume @Friday, July 28, 2000 - 15:41:10 - tu
I can't keep track, there were 7 then 8, but this photo shows 10.

I guess I will have to do some digging.

Misc @Friday, July 28, 2000 - 13:26:00 - tu
Fake Roots out fake nude photos of famous people.
Pretty funny stuff.
Natalie Portman Project
Film bugs list of Christina Ricci Fan sites.
Christina Ricci Fan Page.

TU Toys Page @Thursday, July 27, 2000 - 20:01 - tu
TU Toys page is basically a list of stuff for sale at that I really like.
If your a geek or nerd like I am you probably live off of computer related toys.

@Thursday, July 27, 2000 - 16:43:43 - tu has some very interesting sync software.
You can add items to your palm via there site. It's a bit confusing or maybe I need a nap.
Palm Infocenter has some more info on it.

Oh yeah.. @Thursday, July 27, 2000 - 14:37:27 - tu
I should post all this crap I found today.
So You decided to be Evil A step by step guide.
Electric Web Sheep Comix
Newscorridor Buttload of news links.
Toonami I watched so of these the other day. Cool Anime stuff.
Apocamon World - Apocadex Some people have way too much time...
Sam the dog

RoJam Never End Page.
Use your Palm/Visor in a waterproof case.
Leasing a Domain Name? Hairy Palm thats crazy.
Tiger Movie $21.00 Amazon has it listed pre-order $16.99
Strait to DVD Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins
Gnutella News
Found myself linked on Blogit.pita. under Blog Portals
Cool. Weblog FAQ.

SETI stuff @Thursday, July 27, 2000 - 10:12:08 - tu
Updated the Seti Stats. Added a couple of new links in there.
Snake the linux geek is way ahead of me with his linux alpha packet crunching.
The scary thing was the TU group was at:
87,588th place and we got dropped to
87,846th place. Roughly 300 people jumped ahead of TU. Doh!

Wedding Pics @Thursday, July 27, 2000 - 09:31:39 - tu

My Brothers Wedding.
Right to Left. Me, My dad, Marc,
My Mom (performed service)
Sandra and Sandra's Dad.

More Photos
Provided by Danny

News @Thursday, July 27, 2000 - 08:38:30 - tu
Worldwide parts shortage? LCDs anf Flash Memory etc...
To many toys to few companies making the parts.

More on that story on how to destroy the Internet

Napster Alternatives
I am really glad the mainstream media
is promoting other forms of copyright violations. has also been in the news alot.
Another stroy on DiVX (IE only? could get it to load in NE4.73)

Napster HA HA @Wednesday, July 26, 2000 - 22:04:00 - tu
I really don't care. I guess thats because I am the only non napster user online.
Napster Fans a bit upset.
People will find other ways of getting Music online. Duh
Search engines, IRC, Email, ftp...

It was bound to happen, a Springer guest kills Ex-Wife.

Asian Links @Wednesday, July 26, 2000 - 18:47:27 - tu
Jpop AsianMusic Video Links. More Links
MTV Korea They sell MPEG Videos?
Japanese - Beavis and Butthead Page

Net News @Wednesday, July 26, 2000 - 14:59:57 - tu
New version of AOL Instant Message (AIM) will include Net2Phone
How to destroy the Internet 101.

Star Wars News @Wednesday, July 26, 2000 - 12:54:13 - tu
TU Search Lets you keyword search the TU site.
Jedinet info.
Prequel Rumors
Episode II FAQ
The Casting is great. info.
Episode II News.
Virtual Edition

The has a Avantgo channel.

News @Wednesday, July 26, 2000 - 10:51:17 - tu
SETI accelerator story was a hoax. fooled me too
More on the DeCss Trial.
2000 year old toilet found in china.
Democrats grab Bush Cheney domain name.
Oops, Wrong body cremated
Man drowns in 23,000 gallon vat of wine.
Russia Space Module docked with the space station.

More Junk @Tuesday, July 25, 2000 - 16:35:20 - tu
Typing on a Palm Device.
Record Industry compares Napster Users to Satan.
Someone has a Sneezing Fetish
Stonehenge recreators loose stone in the ocean.
Comedy Circus
NPR links at yahoo.
Cheap toys....
$135 wearnes 4x4x24 CDR-W New
Very Cheap Sub notebook we have one of these in the office.
Eslate Notebook $850

News @Tuesday, July 25, 2000 - 14:15:48 - tu
More LEP News.
Space Bugs
Penis Humor Archive The TV series
History of Unix @ Bell Labs.
Spaying and Neutering Facts on Pets that is.
64 bit Linux for the Alpha

Misc stuff @Tuesday, July 25, 2000 - 11:49:11 - tu
Being a geek that I am, I setup a email address only for my Handheld.
It gets very confusing having multiple machines accessing the same addresses.
Mini Jam in Ice.
32 meg version - $199.00
64 meg version - $259.00
Paint your Palm

I am on a Namie Amuro Mailing very interesting stuff.
Aladdinsane's Page of Bad Craziness Lots of Japanese Links.
Namie Amuro Story (Japanese)
Never End Namie Amuro Article. (English)
Time Asia News.
Jpop Network
Jpop Direct

Funny Spam @Tuesday, July 25, 2000 - 09:52:20 - tu
I received the very very Odd Spam
Someone in the Nigeria wanting to launder Government Money.

Sorry for any weird looking pages this morning.
I am working on the stupid CGI script. Fun Fun.

News @Tuesday, July 25, 2000 - 00:00:56 - tu
Microsoft to Destroy Pirated Software with a Monster Truck.
A little MP3 history for Morons
More on LEP the LCD Killer.
Attack of the Trekies
Toilet becomes a Bar. Only in Enlgand
Shockwave will do the 3D thing.
ATSC HDTV Standard

Jokes @Tuesday, July 25, 2000 - 00:00:56 - tu
I bet there will be alot of Dick Bush jokes.
I have an I like Ike and Dick campaign button.
Also a Go Reds Smash State button.

Cool!!! Japanese Translator
Crazy Visor Compact Flash Page. (enlgish now!!)
More Japanese
Visor Deluxe Taken Apart.

The X-Show
Jon X-show Musical Director.

Found some info on NiMH Batteries for the Palm
Toggle Battery Type Tip.

Search Engine Madness @Monday, July 24, 2000 - 19:11:39 - TU
I went a bit Search Engine crazy, here are some of the results.

Top 30 Mp3 Search Engines MP3 Search

Mamma The Mother of all....
Search Engines Search Page.
Starting Audio Search Page.

TU Search Engine @Monday, July 24, 2000 - 19:12 - tu
The TU Search Engine Page is up and running again.
News, Mp3s, Search Engine stuff etc...

The CIA and the Visor Saga @Monday, July 24, 2000 - 12:27:53 - tu
dajer10 sent me this link CIA Papers posted online.
More info on it Here Here Here and Here
Anyone finds a story online that fits in with the site, send it to me. Unless your like my brother and send me a story 2 days after I posted it and didn't see it on the site.

My visor is now running - - - - Palm OS Software v.3.1H3M
Now I can fill up the whole 8 megs up and not worry.
Still benchmarks at the same speed 158%

News @Monday, July 24, 2000 - 12:05:13 - tu
Handspring has the 8meg Memory Error Patch is out!!!
Radiantlabs Radar absorbing Paint and Wax.
Starship Troopers PC Game.
Sony's ISP Plans.
AMD readys their own 64bit chip.
Microsoft Patches some more Security Holes in IE and Outlook Express.
SETI accelerator Thanks Snake.

More News @Saturday, July 22, 2000 - 23:22:24 - tu
More on the Tau Neutrino
Dot Com Backlash
Cheerios Apologize for the bible mixup.
Eminem Full Coverage
Two toy recalls. Wiggle Waggle Caterpillar and Hop, Skip, Jumper activity seats
DOD shoots down Cruise Missile in Test.
Nasa's Space Station Page and Coverage.
Middle East Peace Talks Full Coverage.
Of course Jerusalem is the trickiest part.

Wedding @Saturday, July 22, 2000 - 22:59:31 - tu
We all had a wonderful time up here in Vienna. My brother had pretty good weather for the wedding. A little rainy and cloudy but it cleared off. Alot of last minute stuff. They had a 3 peice string group play for the ceremony. They are doing the Chicken D ance right now. Instead of one big cake, we had several small cakes all differant types. My mother did a wonderful job performing the service, and my wife read a wonderful poem. No more stress hopefully.

Found a few tidbits..
Drop the Taco Dog
Cleaner Langauge on the Internet.
New moon found around Jupiter. Also Here
Bush narrows down his choices to two old guys.

News @Friday, July 21, 2000 - 22:51:57 - tu
Final Fantasy Movie Trailer
Mp3 Player Single Chip Design only 5 bucks a pop.
Wireless. More 802s Than you can shake a stick at.
Sega goes after Dreamcast Piracy. Bigtime.
FreeWWWeb is no longer. HA HA
Mobile Wireless 128k down/64k up. flat rate 40-50 bucks.
Each cell is only capable of 1mbps. Service is called Ricochet.
I think thats the Novatel modem for Palm and Handspring devices???

News News more News @Friday, July 21, 2000 - 13:18:59 - tu
Hummingbird Beak proves Darwins Theory.
Jobs gets all pissy with ATI.
Society for the Future Husbands of Britney Spears
I like how is starts out. This is not a normal fansite.
Paypal not your Pal.
Napster has over 20 million users.
MPAA Sues Scour. They offer searches for movies etc..
Another story on Breaking The Light Barrier
One more story Here
Palm M100 PDA Photos
Yet another story on the next Palm device.
Cult of the week
The Mormon Guide to avoiding Masturbation
Palm Pilot Implants darn its a joke.
Geekreader sounds very cool.
Handspring losses smalled than expected.
Aeris the Ideal, Tifa the Human Makes me want to hookup the box.
Bush's latest runningmate rumors.
Intelligence located in the Brain.
Novatel Modem and Handspring Visors.

Pda and other News @Thursday, July 20, 2000 - 14:49:20 - tu
Found my old Search Page hehe.
Palms next Cheap M100 handheld. And Palm VIIx
DVD Audio people can hear the watermarking. Ha Ha.
The cube. NeXTSTEP revisited.
DVD DeCss Trial
Beware of the Pixel.
Handheld Popular (Duh)
PDA Re-Wired World
Tau Neutrinos
Another Neutrino Story.
More on that new Palm Handheld.
Handspring has a 25% market share

Slave to the site... @Thursday, July 20, 2000 - 14:13:20 - tu
I love the History file. I just dumped a huge post. reconstructing...
I am way off site for awhile. 28.8 and my page don't get along.
Getting ready for the big wedding this weekend. My little brother is getting hitched at 27.
At 27 I was just starting my second marriage. and was seriously thinking about having kids.
Got to see another hilarious south park last night. All about religion

More on Breaking the speed of light Wow!!
Kansas and Evolution Again.
Great interview about Cisco
Copyright on the Internet Whats that?
A Robot that runs on food.
Gravitys effect on Cells.
Nasa's Nuclear Rocket
Cool photo from the last weeks solar flare.
Conan O'brien's Speech to the Havard Class of 2000
Napster Weblog I cover this before??

Tasteless humor
Trenchcoat Mafia Parody page.
American 21 Adult oriented cartoons.
Joes Purple Banana
Fart Farm
WWW Virtual LibraryRoadKills

24 useless facts... @Wednesday, July 19, 2000 - 16:44:38 - tu
This is fun stuff and it fits in with this site.
Found out about it on Swallowing Tacks

1. I am 29? yeah last time I checked.
2. I am decended from Swedish, Irish, English,...
    including Dickinson as in Dickinsons witch hazel.
3. Hair, when I have any its sorta light brown. As a kid
    it was light blonde. Today it is a light reddish blonde.
4. I live in Maine with my wife and two kids.
   I am not a Mainer, or Mainac, I am from CT.
5. I drink Guiness, Bass, Fosters to name a few.
    I have about 3-4 a month when I remember too.
6. I do Tech support for an ISP.
7. I don't drive, I don't want to. I have never had a license.
8. I known HTML thats about it. Hacked some QuakeC once.
9. I own no o'reilly books. although I have seen one once.
10. An inne, and a Belly Button Web page.
11. I wear Tevas. sometimes even with socks.
12. I want a tattoo or more. I did have the top of my left ear peirced once.
13. I wrong sometimes, but mostly I am right an the world is wrong.
14. I use whatevers clean. I like to be and sleep naked.
15. I own a ICE Visor Deluxe. I carry it with me like a blanket.
16. Deepleap?
17. I have been seen eating popcorn.
18. Lara Flynn Boyle was sexy in Twin Peaks. She is kinda old now.
19. I prefer working in the dark at night than in the morning when its light.
20. The one and only band for me is XTC.
21. I can't drink coffee it makes me grumpy. I drank two cups today.
22. Stupid Questions. I have little patience for them, I get them alot in Tech Support.
23. I shave, cut, color whenever I feel like.
24. I think Blogs bring people together and thats kinda groovy.

News @Wednesday, July 19, 2000 - 15:50:22 - tu
Namie Amuro has a new single out Never End.
Her Love 2000 single is in the discount bin.
The Oricon has been busted by the Japanese Record Industry.

Stuffed Penguin
Dans Data How to build a Pc.
Real Keyboard
Odd Mouse
Think Borg. Powemac Cube More Here

Links @Tuesday, July 18, 2000 - 18:23:44 - tu
DivX @ yahoo
BOFH at Yahoo Hacker, DivX News.
Pickle Stick Figuire Death movies.

misc @Tuesday, July 18, 2000 - 16:08:58 - tu
Slang term Cracker explained.
Chef on SP uses it all the time.
Screen Find out all the juicy bits about the movies before you see them.
Way to pick apart Black Mask
I was thinking how cool an Atari emulator would be for the Palm.

Random News @Tuesday, July 18, 2000 - 14:21:19 - tu
Sony Run Lola Run site.
Run Lola Run German Site
Army Men Porn found @ FARK
That just cracked me up. I wonder if there is more online somewhere ?
The Christadelphians
Apples home market share slipping.
Mosquito-Borne troubles for the city of New York.
Maxtor 80 gig hard drive. oh my.
ATI Radeon card over at Toms Hardware.
Talk about massive coverage.
Man killed by his own dog named Tyson.
Sex Ed in Kindergarten

News @Tuesday, July 18, 2000 - 00:07:52 - tu
A Princess leaves her country and marries a Marine.
Castro claims Jesus was a Commie
Another story on the next president influencing the make up of the Supreme Court for the next 40 years.
Bush reaching out to Gay Replubicans.
Bush says is VP choice doesn't have to be anti-abortion.
Rumors on Gore's runningmate ideas.
Recent polls show a very narrow gap. here
The Jimbo Awards
Cell Phones to list radiation they put out.
Survivor. who cares. I watch 15 minutes of it once. Some people say they found out the winner
from some sloppy coding of the html coders.
Pulsars hiding their age.

Stuff @Monday, July 17, 2000 - 18:03:49 - tu
Run Lola Run

Very cool German Movie.
Great story, music and filming.
(Wallpaper 768x1024135k Jpeg)
news @Monday, July 17, 2000 - 18:03:49 - tu
Lastest on the DeCss trial.
Handsprings Quiet period over already?? That was quick.
The Bank backing the stock is very upbeat about it possible rise in stock price. (of course)
BFG forsale on Ebay (Fake of course) found story at geeknews
The not so local Adelphia cable bought up another local cable company.

Misc @Monday, July 17, 2000 - 15:47:01 - tu
Echostar orbits it 6th satellite.
More on the DeCss trial and here
Info on ATI next Video card. Radeon
Compgeek deal. Voodo Banshee $34.50
Comp Geeks have a bunch of Video Cards ATI 128 $42.00

bye bye mold cam @Monday, July 17, 2000 - 12:51:29 - tu
The Mold Cam had to be retired this morning. If I had left it any longer I am sure it would have been a health risk. So I got some shots of it this morning. I bet we will find something else mold y around the office to take pictures of.
TU Seti Stats - Last 1 0 packets up to 368 packets now.

DVD Case @Sunday, July 16, 2000 - 22:44:33 - tu
DVD DeCss case goes to court Monday Morning.
Geeks are porting NetBSD to the Dreamcast
ICANN picks some New Domain suffixes.
More Here and here

Various @Saturday, July 15, 2000 - 11:56:17 - tu
Going to a wedding this afternoon. One of my first friends I made when I got dragged down
here ( I like here now.) to Rockland is getting married. I wonder if he will be playing as many game after he get married ? I play alot less now between t he kids the wife and this damn site.

Swalling Tacks found the bill gates topless picture on the Belly Button Review Page.
There is an even worse picture of him. I will have to dig out the link.
More on the Sloar Flare
Viewable Comet
Fox admits to screwing up peoples VCR clocks for over a Year.
Mp3 fight gets political
Woman caught giving away her kid on the Internet.
Gore goes after GWs record as Govenor of Texas
Tough being a computer geeky teen in a computer illiterate school.
Alot of people the know me think I am someone kinda hacker or computer guru.
I'm not, I not much of a geek by geek standards at all.

Very Random @Friday, July 14, 2000 - 15:43:52 - tu
Death Row Pen Pals
A collection of Kid Friendly Search Engines
Veggie Links
Condom Crazy

Very Strange Crushing First the Fonz then Peggy Hill
this kinda stuff has gotten way too much media coverage.
What about the Sleeping Beauty Fetish, guys who like to carry sleeping women?

Arcade Games online. Cartoon?
Fukola Cola mentioned on the above site.
Brother Russell's Salvation Central
Breast Chronicles Yahoo Listing
Rhythm Revolution
Nipple Addition I think its a joke.
Grrl Scouts - Ala Tankgirl
Robots at Yahoo.
Ganzbot Jr. The Robot
Daily Zen
The Blah Blah of the Day. At yahoo

Misc junk @Friday, July 14, 2000 - 13:00:56 - tu
PC Game get Rated Adult 18 or over in Canada.
Yahoo Media Player
YMP Skin Archive
10mb Network Card over phone line cable.
Swearing can get you banned for life from Ebay.

Saudi Arabian Judicial System
Saudi Arabian Human Rights
Amnesty International Saudi Arabian Human Rights Abuses.
Death Penality in Saudi Arabia

Random @Friday, July 14, 2000 - 10:02:35 - tu
Of course I added a pic to the Mold Cam
More on that Sony PDA More info
Those whacky French calling a whole bunch of religions cults
and banning them. Story Here
Kids discover a Military cover up from 1902.
Jesus Statue in Brazil cannot hold a beer or wear underwear.
3 people executed in Saudi Arabia (our allies) for commiting homosexual acts.

AAC Baby!!! @Thursday, July 13, 2000 - 20:39:34 - tu
DVD Linkfiles
The next audio craze? AAC
Dustcloud - Cool Video clips lists. IE only?

Well the AAC stuf sounds very cool.
I dunno if it will replace mp3, I will give it a try
and let you know what I think of it. AAC Info.
More info AAC info
FAAC encoder software
AAC Info
Developing AAC programs.
CDex Encoder. supports AAC
Kjofol.ord AAC/MP3 player.

Wallpaper @Thursday, July 13, 2000 - 18:03 - tu
Saab Vs. Vivaldi Vs. South Park
I pulled out this wallpaper I had awhile ago (Jan or Feb Archive I think.) Anyway I inserted the four boys from South Park into the shot just to be differant. (176k Jpeg)

New @Thursday, July 13, 2000 - 16:53:09 - tu
Sony PDA pricing in at $550 dollars.
And I thought the the IIIc $450 price was too high.
I think if Handspring can bring out a color vesion at like
$320-340 that would be a great marker niche.
More Amazing Hubble Telescope shots.
Smash Virus
PS II pricing 300 or $330
Linux Based Gaming Console.

TU's Desk @Thursday, July 13, 2000 - 12:26:19 - tu
TU's Desk (156k Jpeg) Yeah it definitely has the lived in look.

New Kinda Virus @Thursday, July 13, 2000 - 11:43:36 - tu
Web Page Worm. Story here Scary Stuff.

Misc Odd etc.. @Thursday, July 13, 2000 - 11:28:13 - tu
Added todays photo to the Mold Cam page.
Sheep *ucker get 3 years in jail.
Scopes Monkey Trial Recreated as a play.
Meg Ryan to get divorced.
Drew to Marry Tom. What an odd couple.
Microsoft no plans on moving to canada.
The Law in trouble. A Judge is in trouble for cleaning his gun in court.
Dispute over chicken lead to wife being throwen out of 3rd floor window.
More on those Digital Radio Satellite guys.

TU Coffee Mug Mold Cam @Wednesday, July 12, 2000 - 18:12: - tu
We found this mug.
It had things growing in it.
Now it is our daily coffee
mug Mold Cam page.
Should be lots of fun.
Bruno Giordano @Wednesday, July 12, 2000 - 16:57:23 - tu
I was looking for this information awhile ago. I found it.

(oh yeah is registered already)
Advocate of Copernican theory, burned at stake
On February 17, 1600.

The Catholic Encyclopedia says this "...burned at the stake in the Campo dei Fiori in Rome (17 February). Bruno was not condemned for his defence of the Copernican system of astronomy, nor for hi s doctrine of the plurality ofinhabited worlds, but for his theological errors, among which were the following: that Christ was not God but merely an unusually skilful magician, that the Holy Ghost is the soul of the world, that the Devil will be saved, etc."
Another Bruno Giordano Page.

Galileo Page

rubbing it in my face. @Tuesday, July 11, 2000 - 14:46:03 - tu
Burning man is going to have 802.11 gear. Here
To bad I've got no one to this Pagan Geek Fest with me.

Another Blue Log La La Blog has done a redesign.

Dr. Laura Naked Well not really, pretty funny though.
Now I get it. I read this post online somewhere. Deckard is supposed to be a Replicant.
Kind funny Harison Ford was asked about it once, got very upset that people
were infering that his character was a Replicant.
I am kinda pissed off I can't find a non directors cut version.

10 things do to mess with Dr. Laura.
Americans Concerned About Americans Concerned About Homosexuality
Simply put, they're just jealous. They're afraid that by
being heterosexual and bound by their own literal (and
perhaps even wrong-headed) interpretations of the Bible,
they're missing out on all the good stuff.

Psion @Tuesday, July 11, 2000 - 12:21:33 - tu
I think this is the only 56k modem available to Palm/Visor users right now.
Psion Travel Modem 56K IR modem.
Works with PDA etc...
Psion Modem @ $122
How it works. More Info Bluetooth leader.
Palm stocks and possible future growth.

Palm promising GPRS service and Bluetooth addons. Here
Sharp and Pioneer to develop DVD-RWs.
Big Ass Sony PDA photo.
Psion in the News.

News @Tuesday, July 11, 2000 - 10:42:25 - tu
ID4 Sweepstakes
Other Sweepstakes online.
Card Access Thincom Modem. (Visor)
Larry King Transcript. Southern Bapist trying to convert Jews.
The Jews for Jesus get involved too.
Domain News Icann will be adding Between two and 10 new suffixes.
''.sex'' or ''.xxx'' yeah baby!!
"5 million in the first three months of 2000, or nearly 40 names a minute." Wow!
Crack Look at them all.
Ohio Pastor wont allow interracial marriage in his church.
State Troop caught send minors Porn.
Your is so ugly...

Misc Etc.. @Monday, July 10, 2000 - 15:22:59 - tu Jet Li Fan Site.
Zooass Silly Stuff.
Fish Torture Flash fun.
How to Beer that is.
Darva Playboy teaser
Theme wallpapers themes
USB 2.0 Card
USB 2.0 overview
Homemade 21" Imac Here.
Mac Quarium
Tech Tutorials

You know your getting old.. @Monday, July 10, 2000 - 12:08:12 - tu
When you can't rememeber a simple URL
Ahh its driving me crazy. Atari's merchandise is available to buy online.
New in box stuff. Can I find the address? No. It is in the latest issue of wired.
I just have to of course find my copy. I could goto the bookstore I guess and find it.
Atari HQ
Atari Historical Society

The cat named Bill. Bill #1Bill #2Bill #3
Geek Quiz I scored 35. Standard Issue Geek.
Sign Upto win / beta test a Philips CDR CD Player.
The sun did another mass ejection. Space Weather
iTari Funny.
Sites I should remember to goto more often. Tech Dirt
Digital Swirlee
Beta News

News @Monday, July 10, 2000 - 02:05:59 - tu
It amazes me how many sites don't have a science news section.
Britney Engaged? This some kinda joke?
Whaling Yahoo Full Coverage.
Some countries want to hunt them again.
The Gay marchers in Rome got what they wanted.
World attention and Condemantion from the pope. More Here
Don't own a gun Vermont? You may be fined $500 bucks.
Giving up on Bigfoot
A church that performs Exorcisms under investigation.
People fighting over a dead Blue Whale. I guess thats better than blowing it up.
Chinese Police Raid gay Sauna.
Microbes found on South Pole.
What a mess in Northern Ireland again.
Protestant Para Military groups rumored to plan killing a catholic everyday till they can march.
WAP story at CNN.
Maine Clean election law makes the news.
More on Norway and Japans plans to resume whaling.
Australian Governments Anti Whaling Page.

Gaming @Monday, July 10, 2000 - 01:23:04 - tu
I cleaned up my computer area at home today. Found my Voodoo card and put it back in my machine. That reminded me I hadn't finished DK2 yet. The save game said I haven't played for a month. Doesn't seem that long? I have way to much junk I should just thr ow out. I finished one mission in DK and got stuck on the next one. Its an amazing game. The whole 3d/2d strategy/action thing.

news @Sunday, July 9, 2000 - 00:04:55 - tu
Anarchistplan to threaten both Presidental Conventions.
Star Wars it ain't.
Satellite Radio.
That palm gameboy emulator is doggy slow. I guess that help with the games, but bomberman in pretty much unplayable. I have a 16mhz Dragonball Z processor, the IIIc have 20mhz.

Fun Fun @Saturday, July 8, 2000 - 10:30:07 - tu
My college roomate Ken did show up yesterday. This was the first time we had seen each other since I have been married and had the two kids.We hung out had a few beers and watched American Pie. They did set off some fire works over our neighborhood, it wa s kinda freaky being almost underneath some of them. Around midnight we sat outside and smoked some cigars. Around one when the neighbors started having loud sex we figuired it would be a good time to get to sleep.

Gameboy on my Visor @Friday, July 7, 2000 - 15:21:19 - tu
Very cool. I just played Dr. Mario and Tetris. The demo version support only 32k gameboy roms.
Palm Gameboy Emulator is out.

I cant get to BC today. Luckily I have it backed up ? ha ha.
Sodomystill illegal in Louisiana.
for those who care
Online book sellers ready the latest Harry Potter Book.
Internet Only PCs

Cool Software @Friday, July 7, 2000 - 12:25:52 - tu
I heard back from my roommate in college. I haven't heard from him for over 3 years.
I have been checking out a bunch of programs.
They are all Freeware. I found them at Softseek
Vsocks Light
Proxy+ Homepage.
Kill Ad
Popup Killer
Web Washer
HTTP Proxy Spy

more misc.. @Thursday, July 6, 2000 - 21:53:10 - tu
Jet Li Yahoo
Gambit Studios are making a Gameboy emulator for the palm called Liberty.
Liberty pics.
Q3 Arena Tweaks
Voodoo 5 5500 AGP
Handspring Expo Shows.
NUG30 Times Pi

Error @Thursday, July 6, 2000 - 12:38:04 - tu
noticed some kinda error in viewing my page in IE.
I fixed it, but I am not sure what the error was.

Hmmm @Thursday, July 6, 2000 - 11:36:25 - tu
Homosexuals More Likely to Be Left-Handed?
I'm left handed, I am not surprised. I think this ties into it being genetic.
I a very hetro, just look in my history file. Techno Bra update.
Love on the Brain. Cool.
Whaling still banned. For now.

Hubble Photos @Thursday, July 6, 2000 - 11:17:11 - tu
Hubble got some amazing pictures of the Galaxy M 87
Photo Here and Here
Huge Photos of it.
An older site with info on the M 87 Galaxy
Hubble Links

Xbox Photo
People are trying to get the moto In god we trust put in school. Why?
Maybe it will cut down on school violence or improve SAT scores.
Some interesting Polls on VP runningmates.
Sony plans to double CD storage. Umm doesn't that mean it
isn't readable on the billion CDrom drives out there already??

Misc @Thursday, July 6, 2000 - 00:36:30 - tu
Very funny commercial, interesting software
Watched Black Mask again. The DVD has only 1 audio channel, and no subtitles. That has got to be the weakest DVD I own. I prefer 2 sided multiple audio and extra tracks. I read the amazon info on Romeo must Die. They listed it as a 2 sided disc with lots of extras. Black Mask does have a few extra features in the menus.
I have been looking into E-text and E-books online, found some interesting info, to bad there are so many differant standards.

ode to BC @Wednesday, July 5, 2000 - 17:18:54 - tu
I thought for sure Charlotte was taking some time off, so I did some Bra research.
Come to find out she has been posting stuff all day long.
Boob growing cream um, I kinda doubt it.
Narrow bra strap alert.
Title9sports has Sports bras up to DD size.
Bandeau Boudoir A site that celebrates the classic bra designs.
There is even a section on the Engineering Miracle of the Bra.
The Buststop has custom bra up to size O. (as in Oh My)
Make your own Bra with these sewing patterns.
Inchant has a huge selection of bras.

More Junk @Wednesday, July 5, 2000 - 15:53:08 - tu
1000' USB extender.
Super Cool USB Card readers
Samsung Phone with built in Digital Camera. has a story on that Gumble mouthing the words Fucking Idiot. about
this American Family Association group he had to interview.
They also have a story on Doctor Laura

Someone sent me an odd link about this Cybiko Wireless Gizmo.

Maxim Magazine
FHM Thats the one Charlotte is always going on about.

Penny Arcade (one of my favorite cartoons) is slamming
Daily Radar a game review site.
Ananova bought out for 144 million
wireless links
African Cellular
Wireless Advisor

Robot News @Wednesday, July 5, 2000 - 11:50:57 - tu
Found a link to that Honda Robot I have been reading about.
Freaky sci fi stuff. Looks like a movie prop but it is for real.

Native Americans want to hunt animals for religous reasons.

A Pro Condom Priest in Brazil is getting into trouble with the church.
Sinn Fein Web site.
Palm and Visor Parts.
Power to the Palm
Handspring Modems forsale on Ebay.

Tech Nerd news @Tuesday, July 4, 2000 - 22:06:02 - tu
What T-U is known for.
Cheap Upgrades for under $100 bucks
Duron 700 Vs Intel 700
Gateway having some Thunderbird problems.
Timetable on Win support of Bluetooth.
PC-Expo highlights.
Can a PDA Replace the Laptop?
Dalai Lama In the US.
ATC 100 All Aluminum Alloy case.
I wonder how I can get on the Hear Ye! List?
Pentium 4 annouced.

news @Monday, July 3, 2000 - 17:58:10 - tu
An amusing story about how much caffeine is in the waters near seattle.
China plans to put a man in space.
Those whacky commies, they are testing out high powered lasers aswell.
Morer on that Sega system crack.
Nike Diamond Mp3 Player. Yes the sneaker company.
Scientist blame themselves for the lack of knowledge about evolution.
Math vs. Miracles.

Whats with all the political stuff lately TU?
It's been in my brain and in the news alot. There are alot of important things that can effect everyone this year. I just hope people vote their political feelings and not just their personal feelings about the candidates Oh yeah Congress is Totally Useless!!!! I saw them on TV the other day. What a bunch of leeches. I would rather watch Jerry Springer than see those morons fight and vote in all that pork barrel crap.

News @Monday, July 3, 2000 - 12:42:48 - tu
Found Visor review its a couplemonths old, but I learned a few things from it.
Bush and his ties to Oil Companies. Also here
Republicans argue over party plank. Story here
Part of that plank is a Constitutional ban of Abortion. Story Here
Poll says people are concerned who will fill seats in the supreme court.

dilbert @Monday, July 3, 2000 - 10:02:50 - tu
I watch the show, its pretty funny. I have been reading a couple of Scott Adams books. One mentions people do everything based on 3 different things:
        Stupidity   Selfishness   Horniness
I just get a big kick out of reading his writting, and it seems like I rediscover the comics themselves.

More Junk @Sunday, July 2, 2000 - 18:41:22 - tu
PDA module standards? nope.
Slow DVD sales Japan
Dreamcast anti piracy protection cracked.
DVD RAM? ROM? Story here
Recordable DVDs
Toshiba DVD-RAM
More on DVD-RAM
Wacky Weenies found at Swallowing Tacks.

PDA pocket protection @Friday, June 30, 2000 - 15:46:50 - tu
Back in the days of sliderules and pencils it must have been
easy to protect them with some little pencil case.

PDA Roadkit.
After breaking my visor I
spent some bucks on some
gear to protect it.
bottom right - Screen cover.
bottom middle - Visor deluxe.
bottom left - Otterbox hard case
top left - easport bag
to hold everything
top right - Leather case.
quotes @Sunday, July 2, 2000 - 02:09:35 - tu
Random Ali G

News @Sunday, July 2, 2000 - 01:29:31 - tu
Iraqi legally tests Missile
The FCC looks into opening cable systems.
Civil Unions performed in Vermont.

Apple plans to finally replace the Mouse from Hell
No scroller, thats kinda lame, I feel for it on my old trackball when use it. Its like missing a finger, once its gone you really miss it.

Sony drops its PSX emulation lawsuit.
Bluetooth troubles.
Another Bluetooth Story.
802.15 standards.
Neo Geo pulls out of us markets.
10 commandments go up in Indiana. Picture
I was reading about the 1980 case, so I found it online. Stone V. Graham here too

This House Republican in Oklahoma
is trying to get prayer in schools. Here
Pretty slick (.GOV) site, think of the money spent on it.

Penguin Head
Been playing with my tablet again. Sorta Linux geek meets beavis and butthead.

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