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Ala Jackie Brown
Bikini clad women shooting guns
1.3meg MPEG
Updates @Wednesday, February 28, 2001 - 18:15:25 - tu
Feb has been a massive month. I have been playing more
WFA so I will probably do a little less on the posting side.
Less News more Links/Bloggin

TankGirl Images
Tankgirl Wallpaper 1024x768
She has got to be my most favorite comic book hero.

@Wednesday, February 28, 2001 - 14:31:26 - tu
"My pan plays down an unprecedented amount of our national debt." - Budget address to Congress -Bush of course.
The Navy Claims Wind caused the AGM-154 to missed their targets.
A Women in Japan wants to sumo wrestle.
Cockney Bible Thoose crazy brits.
Naked dancing woman stops traffic.
School gets to keep its Devil mascot over objections of religous parents.
Patron Saint of Guns?
The Maine Father & Son team are back in the News.
Son has sex with his dog and his dad attempted to kill him over it.
Didn't know this "There are no laws against bestiality in Maine"
NY scouts End Gay Ban
Non-Lethal Heat Ray Weapon.
Boy Scout membership down. -The whole Anti Gay thing.
Planet Out has a bunch of Boy Scout Stories
Life on Mars? also here and here
Big BANG & Dark Halo
The Supreme Court was booed in the speech last night?
Bartcop has a few things to say about the the Bush Speech.

News @Tuesday, February 27, 2001 - 16:48:11 - tu
Credit Card I saw this guy on C-Span.
Very interesting stuff. He said some interesting stuff.
Top Bush contributor - MBNA
Top Gore contributor - another CC company

Saw this on one of the mailing listings I am on - Open Your Mind, Not Your Bible.

Bush approval Rate a record low for an incoming president.
Oh yeah, he didn't win the popluar vote, keep forgettin

Intel making web tablet.
Gnutello Worm
Holo Memory
Uncrackable code?
Amazing Computer Stories III

The Supreme Court got one right.
They came out in support of the federal Clean Air Act.

Stuff @Tuesday, February 27, 2001 - 11:28:34 - tu
Build your own X-ray machine. Why?
Windows XP sneak peek.
Inflatable Animal Fetish Page - Oh My.
Lots more GeForce3 Preview.

Getting it right @Monday, February 26, 2001 - 16:26:29 - tu
It's just one county in Florida only folks.
Miami-Dade County - Only 49 votes for Gore.

There are of course the 66 other Florida Counties that have yet to be counted.
They are counting all of the 60,000 undervotes accross the entire state.

The final US Supreme Court ruling that stopped everything was on
that very same 60,000 votes they were ready to count that saturday.

I think the entire 60,000 votes recounted will be a huge story and that
will be what ends up in the history books.

Giuliani is just wrong. @Monday, February 26, 2001 - 00:11:06 - tu
I wanted to find some stories on the Black Female Jesus photo. Its only one of 188 works in the ''Committed to the Image: Contemporary Black Photographers'' Exhibit.
Story 1 Story2 Story 3 Story 4
An Interesting side of the story. Mayor's Panel May Violate Court Order

Then I found some sites that feature Renee Cox photography.
They are simply beautiful and very moving. I am amazed.
I really doubt Giuliani even took the time to see the work.
Found this first - Nerve - German
Then the English Verison Nerve - Renee Cox Page
Yo Mama's Last Supper Image.
The Liberation of Lady J and U.B. Here too

Misc @Monday, February 26, 2001 - 00:00:59 - tu
Missing Pages, JennaK is zapped and I got an email on Miss Bitch's page being gone too.
Blogit Portal
Motel Magazine
Also has the classic Pie in the face Bill Gates Episode.
Worm Lives in Boiling Water
I - Funny

Online Religion Quiz
The Antichrists Bible
Digital Charity - Saw this on the Tube. Cool.
AI Movie Page
Indrema - 600mhz Linux Entertainment Console.
Read All About - as in Ginger/It.
Veggie Files
ICP - Solar Panels Affordable Solar. Another Tube thing.

Ok & Not Ok
A group of guys dressed up for halloween. OK
At home alone. Not OK
(If your brave enough you can click on the images for larger versions.)
Again Halloween, OK
Still NOT OK
How does this stuff end up on the Internet?

WFA @Sunday, February 25, 2001 - 13:09:01 - tu
I played some WFA on a Barrysworld server. I think I'll take a nap now.

Bush is a Moron @Saturday, February 24, 2001 - 21:08:57 - tu
"I have said that the sanction regime is like Swiss cheese
that meant that they weren't very effective."
"You teach a child to read, and he or her will be able to pass a literacy test.''
``Laura and I are looking forward to having a private dinner with he and Mrs. Blair Friday night.''

Matllin tries to defend Bush's Third-grade grammatical errors

Sony Increases PS2 output.
I still dunno, I am thinking the XBox might be my next console. Jury is still out.
Geforce 3 News.
Record Industry going after Napster Clones now.
UK want to defend the earth from Asteroids

Say it isn't so - Heather Graham is in it.
Bush Sr. goes to Kuwait.
I hope Sadam doesn't blow him up.

New Super conductor found.

Goofing off - Saturday, February 24, 2001 0:48 AM
Real Eye
Fake Eye
Trippy on the Eye - (Wallpaper)

Firewire Card and HD Case @Friday, February 23, 2001 - 18:14:26 - Awful
Firewire Card and HD Case

Napster and its clones @Friday, February 23, 2001 - 17:04:53 - tu
I got this interest e-mail about napster and their clones etc..
I love getting email, if you find something I may have missed let me know.
Wall Street Journal Story (Subscription Requires)
Napigator Open/Free Napster servers
Gnutella News -
An early Napster engineer estimated that a relatively small number of Gnutella users
could, in theory, generate more network traffic than the entire Internet could handle.

South Park Mario Bros.

Bombs & Missiles @Friday, February 23, 2001 - 14:00:47 - tu
Another story on the bombing or Iraq last week.
Mentions the AGM-130 they hit there targets.
The earlier stories from the other day were about the 25 AGM-154a
that missed there targets. Some kind of computer software problem.
AGM-154A are $300,000 a pop. Or a cool $7,500,000 million used last
week, but cheaper than replacing a shot down plane and pilot.
AGM-130 is made by Rockwell
AGM-154 is made by Raytheon [Texas Instruments]

Bits @Friday, February 23, 2001 - 13:39:51 - tu
2 monster asteroids have hit earth causing massive death and destruction.
One 65 million years kill the dinosaurs and one 250 million year ago
We should be all set for another few hundred million.
Another Story on it here.

Funny. Microsoft RTFM
Bush upset with China helping Iraq.

That was a fake Awful post, but he may post a real post if he feels like it.

@Friday, February 23, 2001 awful
F-18 Souned Barrier Picture

Ronald-Ann My Name Sake Thursday February 22, 2001 9:46 PM
She of course was named after Reagan and appeared in Bloom County/Outland..
I don't think my dad was, gosh I hope not. A classmate of my brothers has her tatooed on her chest.

Misc @Thursday, February 22, 2001 - 16:20:10 - tu
ISP spamming Porno through univeristy machines.
IBM drops Scary Hard Drive protection scheme.
Macs answer to lagging sales? CDR/Ws wooo so lame.

Yeah this MP3+ stuff is really nice. The files don't seem to be any bigger.
I have joined way to many mailing lists, I get lots of crap sent to me but
some are kind of cool. Its nice to connect to people you have something
incommon with.

Yahoo Clubs @Thursday, February 22, 2001 - 16:07:02 - tu
Doing a SETI club Yahoo chat meeting thing. Cool.
not cool. Firewall is blocking it. Doh.

MP+ @Thursday, February 22, 2001 - 14:32:44 - tu
I think my brother told me about this a few weeks ago.
I am listening to a .mp+ ripped CD I made it sounds great.
Mpeg Plus - Higher quality audio files.
CDex - Freeware CD audio to MP3 ripper

Mira over at Sparked has created a new layout.
I think its neat, I hate to see the same layout on every site.
I have been thinking of making a new look, but I just get stuck.

More on bombing & more bombing @Thursday, February 22, 2001 - 14:29:39 - tu
We bombed Iraq again?
must be from missing all those targets last time.
25 of the guided bombs dropped last week missed targets
AGM-154A Joint Standoff Weapon.
These bombs missed by an average of more than 100 yards.
Half the Tagets survived the US/British Attack.
FAS - AGM-154a - I love FAS!!!
Another AGM-154a Page.
US Air Force photo of the AGM-154a

Russia's own Anti Missile Defense Plan
Pat Robertson against GWs faith based plan.
Faith Based Missile Plan.
Allosaurus fragilis - Ripper not a Cruncher.

Amazing - Thursday, February 22, 2001 02:21 AM
I spent a couple hours to look for this Audrey Hepburn photo. I was really
surprised how hard it was to find that photo. What an amazing lady and so
photogenic. I don't know much about Aiko Sato I will her info up this morning.

Audrey Hepburn
Aiko Sato

Wow what an amazing
peice of computer art.

news/links @Wednesday, February 21, 2001 - 14:37:35 - tu
More info from the probe on Eros
Apple Desktop systems down 62% from last year. Ouch
Air strikes in Iraq have the opposite effect - Love it.
they should let you take bets on companies though.

Toys & February @Wednesday, February 21, 2001 - 13:55:04 - tu
Thin Modem Plus Very very cool.
56k + 8 meg storage.

Hauppauge WinTV PVR 880
PVR 880 for sale.
PVR 880 article

Remote Thats just wrong, cool but wrong.

Mardi Gras
Official Mardi Gras
adult content Page 2 Mardi Gras page.
Page 1 - Page 3 - Page 4 - page 5
adult content done

Latin Dictionary

You learn something everyday. Todays Lesson
The month of February gets its name from the word "februa", which was the name of the thongs used by priests during Lupercalia (from "Lupercus"), the Roman festival for purification, which occurred on February 15th. They were made from the skins of goats which had been sacrificed.
This ancient festival contaminated St. Valentine's day with notions of fertility, sex, and love.
Interestingly, a rite of this festival was the ritual striking of women with a februa, a thong
fashioned from the skin of a sacrificial animal. It was believed that a blow from this thong
would make a woman more fertile. The term februa derives from februare "purify", and this
rite is the source of the name of our second month, February.

On the Roman holiday Lupercal (February 14) goats were sacrificed and the blood was smeared on two specially chosen youths. The youths would then run all around Rome with strips of goat hide in their hands. Women would strive to be beaten with these strips, known as februa (purifiers). Hence, February gets its name as the month of purification. Oxford Classic.

More Junk @Tuesday, February 20, 2001 - 18:06:47 - tu
80mm CDRs
I should make a business card one for my Hand Held and my Camera.
Abandoned Missile Base VR Tour - Oldie but new to me.
Hottienet Links
Nuke50 MicroNuclear .50 BMG Delivery System
Pocket PC Phone
Scary Microsoft Story
More Mac troubles G4 notebook this time.
Asus Ships DDR Motherboards

XFL Cheerleader strips for online magazine
Britians get JackAss.
University accused of weakening US nuclear defence
Cool, no need for star wars now
Maybe Life out there
Blazing Venus
No. Virtual Pets on your cell phone.

Misc @Tuesday, February 20, 2001 - 11:28:26 - tu
Dido DVD EP - 10 bucks, thats a deal.
Hacker Culture
China softens on Falun Gong propaganda.
Jewish Americans wonder about Rich Pardon support

news @Tuesday, February 20, 2001 - 09:02:21 - tu
Tehy foudn the Mole of wait a different one.
Earth Size planets on distant suns
LCD screens drop in price.
Flash for the Pocket PC
PGP god Zimmerman joins Hush
Another story on the Mayor offering the Anna Virus writer a job.

SCTV @Tuesday, February 20, 2001 - 01:44:26 - tu
I know it's way too late but SCTV has filled Later slot.
I guess I watched on Public TV. I am a big fan of the
show and of course Bob & Doug.
SCTV Lives
SCTV Guide

Drawing Tuesday, February 20, 2001 1:19 AM
A few beers and being bored produced these two
drawings. I just wanted to do something different
for a change.
Rockville Museum Of Useless Art
Useless Art
It's useless, therefore it's Art!!!
Fuzzy's nearly-useless bits o' art

Misc News @Monday, February 19, 2001 - 19:46:37 - tu - Hacked Sites
NY Times sm0ked
Iomega sm0ked
Intel sm0ked
Floridas Black Voters still angry about there treatment during the election.
More Gobal Warming also here
Inda Pakistan argueing over Kasmir again.
DOJ Bush Nominee favors settling with Mircosoft.
Clinton speaking at Oracle conference

News @Monday, February 19, 2001 - 15:17:36 - tu
Reminder - Junkyard Wars tonight 8pm TLC
BOFH Hats and T-shirts. Cool, I want the hat.
Global Warming could melt Artic.
Windows XP Beta 2
Senior Russian Generals comments on the US Star Wars SheildGee he is against it?
US Military online info on the Iraq bombing

@Monday, February 19, 2001 - 08:59:51
Reagan daughter comes clean on the stuff she pinched from the White House

news @Monday, February 19, 2001 - 08:22:56 - tu
Thurmond - may leave giving the senate to democrats.
Supreme Court retirement rumors
Racism alive for many
China puts falungong protestors in Mental Hospitals.
Microsoft developing Smart phone technology.

Blog @Monday, February 19, 2001 - 00:44:53 - tu
I guess for this to be a blog I should do some personal crap stuff.
we watched Galdiator tonight, I picked up the scene of the actor who died before the end of the movie.
Its funny we have had the movie for 2 months and have tried to watch it 2 or 3 times.
The other night we watched High Fidelity the other night, what a great story.
I dunno if I was get that obessed with figuring out my past relationships.
Played with my page today I changed a few things. I got up early with the kids this morning.
I actually let my wife sleep in for the monring. Those kids of mine are just amazing and they
get into so much stuff. It's too bad they have to act like me all the time, my poor wife.

I just wanna put my 2 cents in on auto racing. Very very dumb what a senseless waste.
Kinda totally useless really. I supposed some people watch it for the crashes.

Found some blogs
Buffy Bloggin - yep as in Vampire.
making my grand entrance
Zero Gravity
Blob lead me not into tempation, i can get there myself
My Me
Team Dumb
Swish Cottage

News @Sunday, February 18, 2001 - 20:06:14 - tu
Joint US / Israel - Missile Exercise.
Iraq vows to pay us back
Left Handed Microsoft Strategic Commander
ISP Held Accountable for Child Porn in Usenet Channels.

3D Files
Game Spyder

"We must conduct research and then accept the results. If they don't
stand up to experimentation, Buddha's own words must be rejected."
[Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama, _Time_ April 11, 1988]

Strange stuff Sunday, February 18, 2001 7:05 PM
I am I the only who is never bored in on the internet?

Damn, I am a posting fool Sunday, February 18, 2001 1:11 AM
GW Bush Jr. say no to Broccoli at Vicente Fox's farm that grows the stuff.
And yes, he is representing us to the world.

The Secret Service is interviewed this reporter when a newpaper ran his editorial.
"Dear Jesus Christ, King of Kings, all I ask is that you smite George W. Bush."
I guess since they can't protect him against Jesus go after the reporter.
1st Amendment? Oh yeah that bushism, ..There aught to be laws on that type of freedom

Current Wallpaper.

Haven't had one in awhile. Nothing very interesting I guess.

Virus creater gets offered job by local Mayor.
Self Healing Plastic
Sm0ked & The-Rev - Hack NT based web servers. Here too
HTML Standards
people are fuming about old browsers.
Umm, I am using Netscape 4.61 at home. IE 5.5 at work at least.
I was surprised about the CSS problems in Netscape.


Cool Site
@Saturday, February 17, 2001 - 15:41:06 - tu
Cool Site @Saturday, February 17, 2001 - 15:41:06 - tu
My brother sent me this link. - Future Technology now.

Iraq Bombing @Saturday, February 17, 2001 - 01:18:00 - tu
Some experts disagree with the idea of Bombing Iraq (ABC News Story)

Mary Cam Archive @Saturday, February 17, 2001 - 00:43:02 - tu
I asked Mary over at Amazonbitch if I could setup a collection of favorite
photos from her webcam. For some crazy reason she said I could.
So here is AmazonBitch Whorecam Archive

more news
@Friday, February 16, 2001 - 13:37:24 - tu
Someone discovered a Galaxy 10 billion light-years from Earth. Holy crap that is far.
Yo Mamas Last Super - Heard this on Conan. Brooklyn Museum of Art
Another 'Falun Gong' suicide
New York Student arrested with 18 bombs and 2 guns

Linkys @Friday, February 16, 2001 - 13:19:15 - tu
Official Windows XP Site
Sex Dictionary
Cool. More places to sell your Soul
One Cosmos - Great Science Site.
Our Solar System Planet X? they are saying pluto isn't really a planet.
These clowns love to destroy stuff.
Dull Men Club - I don't do anything I guess I qualify
I don't need more toys but...
DailyRadar -Tech Toys
Tech Report
I guess I missed an interesting frontline special on Hackers
Fun I found this BeetleJuice - As seen on Howard Stern. Then I found them all here.
Howard Stern Wack Pack

News @Friday, February 16, 2001 - 10:18:30 - tu
Russia test fired 2 ballistic missiles and played some war games.
I wonder who they are trying a send a message to??
Bipartisan Group of Senators Plan to overturn the Bush Abortion funding order.
Did know they could do that, cool.
Big DUH!!! ‘Sex’ is the most searched term online.
Then probably nude, nake, breasts. I know from access logs I get hits like that all the time.
Rom Sites sued.
Science Conference

Florida Revisited. @Thursday, February 15, 2001 - 23:58:01 - tu
Buzzflash had a link
to this interesting BBC show on Newsnight
The video clip
The florida story starts at 17MIN 40sec.
The main focus was on DBT a company that made a list of
22,000 black democrat voters they thought should be removed
from the voting list.
Buzzflash Transcript of the show.

The wildiest thing was this.
"They are carefully going through 179,855 uncounted ballots
that Harris did not want tallied. They'll know the winner
next month. Sources tell Newsnight, Gore's ahead by 20,000 votes"

At least another country is interested on how screwed
up the florida election was. My only comforting thought
is that all this will be in the history books.
Gore got more votes (alot more) Period.
Bush and the Supreme Court stopped the count.

For Kicks
I looked up info from a year ago from my February 2000 Achive.
I have been out sick for a couple day.
It may sound like fun but, projectile vomitting thru your nose isn't.

News @Thursday, February 15, 2001 - 17:40:58
11 more votes for Gore. Optical Scanner missed some.
Actually 48 clearly marked for Gore and 35 for Bush.
The country's wealthiest citizens are urging Congress not to repeal the estate tax.
Only 2 percent of Americans who die annually pay the tax.
Squirrel causes power explosion. No he did live.
The Erotica Project. - Mary Magdalene Excerpt
802.11 Chair talks about the Security hole in WEP.
Dell Lays off 1,500 workers.
Sun Does a flip
Samson was mental ill

More Art @Thursday, February 15, 2001 - 14:32:00 - tu
All Posters Tambourine Girl
Renaissance Café! Very Cool!!!
John William Godward @ R. Cafe

Pre-Raphaelite Artists
The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood (or PRB) was a 19th century group of rebellious young artists who, disillusioned with the artistic climate of their day, sought to rediscover the purity of art by creating an entirely new artistic style that drew upon the middle ages, the bible, classical mythology and nature for inspiration, emulating the work of the great Italian artists before Raphael (hence their name: pre-Raphaelite).
Pre-Raphaelite Collection
The Pre-Raphaelites
Pre-Raphaelites - The Aesthetic Movement
Webstudy Links
The Pre-Raphaelite Mystique
The Pre-Raphaelites & Things Victorian

quote o the day @Thursday, February 15, 2001 - 00:56:20 - tu
"In a sense, the religious person must have no real views of his own and
it is presumptuous of him, in fact, to have any. In regard to sex-love
affairs, to marriage and family relations, to business, to politics, and
to virtually everything else that is important in his life, he must try
to discover what his god and his clergy would like him to do; and he
must primarily do their bidding." [Albert Ellis, Ph.D]

Art of the day.. Thursday, February 15, 2001 12:13 AM
That picture on Jenna's site reminded me how much art is out there I will never see.
Here is some I saw that I liked. Oh yeah, Waterhouse I saw some online - TU

John William GoDward ? that helps
I can't find anything online aboout him? Anyone?
Unknown Waterhouse Of course!

Doesn't anyone else have a problem with assassinating Enemies of the US?
I thought the whole problem with that was the bad guys, cubans, sadam etc..
would knock off our president with about a 10th of the effort.
I don't like Bush but I don't want Cheney in charge of... oh wait he is already.
These guys help protect Bush....
DC Capital Police officer shoots break room fridge with his Glock.

Hey look a lone Democrat found a backbone.
Kerry threatening to fillibuster Artic Drilling.
Handspring shows off New Modules
Does anyone else think these new 3/4 of a page ads are a
really big pain in the ass. They bug the crap out of me.

News etc..
@Wednesday, February 14, 2001 - 23:14:44 - tu
New Window XP beta released.
10 things you must know about Windows XP
Voice over DSL -umm Never mind.
Warez Rom pirates sued by game manufactuers.
Asia Daily
Amazon loses a round on the one click pantent case.
Gadgets at Demo 2001
Microsoft undr investigation for its dealing with Corel.
A New Kansas School Board allows evolution.
Scientists tricked on Cow Horns
Huge fossil find in Argentina
NEAR keeps going and going ...

Jesus Team
how to keep and idiot busy
Moon People
Kill one 10 pop up. Swaptor
Life through Geologic Time

odd bits @Wednesday, February 14, 2001 - 17:10:58 - tu
Nokia 8850 removed from a womans bottom.
Dalek traded for Jaguar Part.
Worlds sexiest women Aniston and Kournikova
Leonardo DiCaprio seen 'masturbating' in film
At least peewee herman did it in the privacy of the theater.

Quote of the Day @Wen, February 14, 2001 - tu

"The way to see by Faith is to shut the eye of Reason."
[Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard, 1758]

Wow one of my Souls I own on SoulXchange gained 577 points.
Too bad my Mutual Fund can't go up like that

CSS TU Test 3

CSS Madness
@Tuesday, February 13, 2001 - 16:21:26 - tu
I finally listened to some of the tunes on Marys site.
I really liked Boys in the Hood and Breath Control.

Anna Virus Writer
Someone mentioned to me how I should get into Cascading Style Sheets.
It seems to be html on steriods, I am sure I will be adding stuff to the site.
Cascading Style Sheets
CSS Tutorial
Oreilly CCS Book CSS Page
Webdevoloper page on CSS
Writting in CSS

Misc @Tuesday, February 13, 2001 - 13:33:50 - tu
Bush's missing year in the Air National Gaurd
Bushism - "We're concerned about AIDS inside our White House
make no mistake about it." Washington, D.C., Feb. 7, 2001

Jesus Hates
The Kama Sutra of Pooh
Dukes of Hazzard Pages
Arcade Town Flash/Java Arcade Games
Anna Virus

I have been speding too much time just using google.
Search Engines and Web Directories
Linkopedia - Headlinespot>

Academy Nominations @Tuesday, February 13, 2001 - tu
Academy Award Nominations
Wow. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon got 10 nominations.
O Brother, Where Art Thou? picked up only 2.
Cinematography - Roger Deakins and Screenplay - Adapted - by Ethan and Joel Coen

Morning? @Tuesday, February 13, 2001 - 08:26:15 - tu
You know your mom is looking out for you when she forwards Virus warnings....
There is a new virus spreading rapidly through email messages and being spread through
Outlook address books. The virus is "kalamar.a". It is also known as SST, Onthefly.A.
DVD-ROM / CD-R/W combo drive. Compgeeks
I wanted this Camera/Webcam at one time.
Man 10 dollar 10/100 Kingston cards.
It's like sending a crack addict a flyer on the weekly sales.

Bush's Grandad Stole Geronimo's Skull? @Monday, February 12, 2001 - 23:43:46 - tu
I thought its was more of a sick joke but I guess there is something to it all.
Where is Geronimo's Skull?

"The remains of Geronimo had been pilfered by Prescott Bush while
he and five other officers were stationed at Fort Sill in 1918.
The stolen prizes were taken back to New Haven, Connecticut to a
place known as the Tomb, the home of the Skull and Bones Society.

Some conspiracy links on the Bush's and the Skull and Bones story.
Bush & Skull and Bones
Bush Book & Here too
Skull & Bones
Geronimo Skull Story
More on Skull and Bones
Interesting Bush Family Data

@Monday, February 12, 2001 - 23:41:59
AnnaKournikova Virus and Also here
I never get the good viruses. I don't use Outlook Express either. Its like the I love you virus
it copies itself to people on your address book. I did get an great Anna Kournikova picture today.
Not a vbs file though but heck maybe that was a virus file with it.
Someone else looking for info about Anna Kournikova
Fighting over the Human Genome
Simple Human Genome Map
Transmeta Mobile Linux
US officials fear Cyber Attacks

Bangor News Midcoast Section

Ads should entertain @Monday, February 12, 2001 - 16:51:10 - tu
My favorite commerical at the moment. Life is short. Be Happy.
PETA cats ad is pretty funny too.

Misc /eTc/Blah Blah @Monday, February 12, 2001 - 13:35:55 - tu
Google Search - similar to ilovebacon
well that is just silly a search like that doesn't do that.
Another one. "mardi+gras+nudity" - Oh yeah thats coming up again.
Funny. Crazy Stuff Nudity
One more comic strip bondage
Smackdowns Weblinks TU is in there somewhere.
Oh yeah under weird sites.

Just plain odd story. Mrs. Bush caused a fatal accident as a minor.
Rutherford B. Hayes and Bush.
DNA Junk
Chinese Torturing prisoners.

A Humanist or an Atheist can't tell you to
go to hell but a Christian can and will.

O Brother, Where Art Thou? @Monday, February 12, 2001 - 13:20:16 - tu
I just can't get that movie out of my head. I seem amazon has the soundtrack for sale.
Its pretty bad when you have to wait for the DVD to see the quality a movie.
The local theaters are crap when it comes to sound and film quality. My brother
was saying they have the digital theaters out there in earthquake land.
Soggy Bottom Boys
The video is there of the song I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow is there.
more O Brother, Where Art Thou? info
Soundtrack Site
Clooney Files - Cool.

Fun @Monday, February 12, 2001 - 02:14:35 - tu
Just got done talking to my Brother out there in LA-LA Land. The whole sunday/monday
time thing is kind of whacky. He was saying how extremely slow my page was loading
from out there. He has a Media One cable modem setup. I am sure it is something at
this end. I hve seen buzz and woody so many times in the past several hours. My boy
is a Toy Story junky. I do enjoy the movies but I have memorized alot of it already.
I suppose I should goto bed so I can get up in a few hours.

@Monday, February 12, 2001 - 01:27:34
My wife and I actually got out photo taken together small and larger version.

@Monday, February 12, 2001 - 00:41:24
A friend of mine bought Quake 3 so now I have a Weapon Factory Arena partner.
I had to swap video cards and check some stuff but I am all set now.
Its a great game it just has a bitch of a learning curve.
I have been taking dozens of pictures with my camera. I am getting used to
all the features and options it has.
Mr. single taskman President Duba is going to focus on defense this week.
I hope something not related to that pops up. I am not sure the poor boy could handle it.

Forgot @Sunday, February 11, 2001 - 02:56:32 - tu
Wow, what great movie O Brother, Where Art Thou? was.
It was suspicious that the begining of the siren scene was missing.
Sounds like a christian plot to me, but then again we have a really
old crappy movie theatre in town.

Look at the cast list of Ocean's Eleven

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon DVD
at Yes used to be Asia CD.
Namie Amuro has a new Cd out! Break the Rules

The Boys are back -Its been a month? - @sunday, February 11, 2001 - 02:05

Linky Links
Am I annoying or Not? - Pick the Hottie
Managing Generation Y. Oh yeah, those punk ass upstarts.
About the Usenet. Oldschool stuff I love it.
The Underdog Show
Residence Life - Comic Strip

Martin Luther - Racist Sexist Bigot ? - @
Friday, February 8, 2001 - 23:52

Reason should be destroyed in all Christians.

No gown worse becomes a woman than the desire to
be wise.

I feel much freer
now that I am
certain the pope
is the Antichrist.
I didn't realize how bad the guy that started the protestant movement was. I doubt many christians do either. One with the Nutty quotes...

To be a Christian, you must pluck out the eye of reason.

The word and works of God is quite clear, that women were made either to be wives or prostitutes.

If I had to baptise a Jew, I would take him to the bridge of the Elbe, hang a stone around his neck and push him over with the words 'I baptise thee in the name of Abraham'.

The word and works of God is quite clear, that women were made either to be wives or prostitutes.

PBS Fontline: Martin Luther

Martin Luther quotes and some other Martin Luther quotes.
Oh yeah even more Quotes and a few more

The scariest thing I have seen. It seems Martin Luther is big with Racist Neo Nazis and Hilter.

Carnivore tries to hide under a new name.
Microsoft tries to get Judge Jackson removed from the case.
Top 10 Scanners
Vermont Anti Internet Porn Law challenged.
Thats just silly, I would moon Vermont if they could see me.
Porn scam redials your PC to Madagascar & Chad.
I have talked to someone who got scammed in a Madagascar long distance charge.

The Internet is Totally Useless
@Thursday, February 8, 2001 - 19:55:08
I love the Internet it really is Totally Useless.
I was trying to remember this Photo site I went to alot.
I found this one and then from here on Yahoo I found it.
I remember this one, Dutch Navy Ladies got in trouble for flashing cruise ships.

We were talking about vegetarians and atheists in the mailing list. I agree that
there should be a higher percentage of veggies among atheists than the general
I just checked into my Left handed INFP Atheists semi-joke yahoo club and there
are 5 members. ??? How the hell did that happen?
I guess we should hold meeting or something.
I have been doing alot of low grade site maintenance stuff lately.

Stuff @Thursday, February 8, 2001 - 14:23:25 - tu
Sony talks about the Playstation 3 rumors

BBC - Religion & Ethics
U Comics
Hippie Van
Rank - IamI.. Clone
Truth about
Shiatsu, Japanese massage
At home alone on lunch, grovin to some Jpop.
I don't get the house to myself that much.

200 Dollar Bush bill. I found the photo of the front and back. It is pretty funny. A lady took it at a Dairy Queen and gave 198 dollars
in change back.
(of course click images for larger version)

Bed @Thursday, February 8, 2001 - 01:01:49 - tu
Conan Joke, is a real story -Doctor Stumbles Onto Orgasm Machine

News Corridor
Pandia Newsfinder
Good-Things - Where I find the Random Atheist Quotes.

Quote of the Night @Thursday, February 8, 2001 - 00:34:35 - tu
"Religion is but a desperate attempt to find an escape from the truly
dreadful situation in which we find ourselves. Here we are in this wholly
fantastic universe with scarcely a clue as to whether our existence has
any real significance. No wonder then that many people feel the need for
some belief that gives them a sense of security, and no wonder that they
become very angry with people like me who say that this is illusory."
[Fred Hoyle, British astronomer 1950]

Squid on the brain @Wednesday, February 7, 2001 - 20:17:19 - tu
I was watching this on TV. Pretty interesting stuff.
Giant Squid Links
In Search of Giant Squid
Giant Squid

Nothing beats a good rubber @Wednesday February 7, 2001 - 20:00
I picked this up at the local Wally-world. I haven't seen alot of PDA sites mention it.
Fellows Visor Bumper - Ruber armor for your Visor/Visor Deluxe. I cutout the bottom for the portable usb hotsync cable and you can cut away the springboard slot for the modules.

Alert! - New I Love You virus spreading fast in Europe.
That ICQ Hacking problem.
550lbs Giant Squid
Large Penis Support Group
Mobile phones are Penis Extensions

Women in canada does not have Ebola, but still an unknown virus.

Oldest Apeman Fossil Found - Also the Mungo Man - Ancestors were termites eaters

Universe 12.5 million years old another story also here

Old Story I missed. Gore NY HQ breakin Never heard about it till today.

Scientific American - Discover Magazine - Nature

AM News Abuse - Found it. I used to go there all the time.
Obscure Store & Reading Room - That one too.

Christian Science Monitor - Los Angeles Times - The Mercury News
The Paperboy - The World - Newspaper -
Funny - Ha Ha @Tuesday, February 6, 2001 - 18:26:09

Bush boxed into a corner and Turned bright red over questions
on his first executive order. Poor fool can't fight his way out of a wet paper bag.

GOP going after RU-486 already.
Bush going soft on Big Tobacco
Where is Bush's Energy Plan?
More world reaction to Bush's Missile Defense Plans
McCain for Patient bill of rights Bush against it of course.

News stuff @Tuesday, February 6, 2001 - 18:06:48 - tu
Bush's Tax Plan not for the working class.
Why not cut Payroll taxes for working folks?
Salt Water Camel may be a separate species.
Old Voting Methodsare considered the best.
I am afraid of computer voting and the possiblity of tampering and such.
Florida Ballots Project Starts today. cool.
Another British article on Gore getting more votes in Florida
Zip hipmp3 player

Odd Bits
Japanese Porn actress Ai Iijima's is extremely popular with asian teenage girls.
Iijima Gallery - Another one (PG13 only)

Teacher marries girl he went to jail for having sex with.
Man sees pictures of his Finger accident online.
Stundent find tip of thumb in sandwich

@Tuesday, February 6, 2001 - 00:38:58
Weather madness, lost power 2 times and a couple disconnects in the
past couple minutes. I finished my first ebook. Alll I can say is
its more baout the story than how you read it.

Liberty @Monday, February 5, 2001 - 18:50:37 - tu
editted Quote found on a local R&P board and alot of christian sites.
"Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just."
Misses the whole tone of the quote.

Full Quote.
"God who gave us life gave us liberty. Can the liberties of a nation be
secure when we have removed the conviction that these liberties are the
gift of God? That they are not to be violated but with His wrath?
Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just,
that his justice cannot sleep forever."

The full quote to me is about Liberty.
An odd word we don't use it much in everyday speech.
We are pretty luck we don't have to worry about people
taking away our liberties. (Yet)

Misc @Monday, February 5, 2001 - 18:44:17 - tu
Palm Nerd - Weblog
Tankgirl Action Figuire. (homemade)
More Blogger Awards
everclear won sexiest trooper
Transmeta 1 Ghz chip\
802.11 Security Hole
More info on the WEP Hole
Is the White House giving up on CA engery directive.
Companies try to develop better Mad Cow tests

Oh My @Monday, February 5, 2001 - 01:04:34 - tu
Webmistress Mary goes into very uncharted territory
She is one wild amazon.
I am wondering what Freemind thoughts on the subject are over at hate the mainstream
He started an interesting discussion on the whole camgirl thing.
Its all in the eye of the beholder I guess, if you don't like something online
do goto sites that have it. I don't like hardcore E/N sites so I stay away from
them, that simple. I don't like to have my nightmares any worse than my ex-wife.

@Sunday, February 4, 2001 - 23:04:25

Powell disagrees with Bush on abortion issues.
Florida Papers still working away at the ballots.
Also another one
More on the Expanded SETI Plans
Bosnians Blame depleted uranium, for Rise in Cancer
Palm Pilots becoming popular in schools.
Angus should think about giving kids palms not Ibooks.
Palm Desktop 4.0 and making it work with Handsprings.
Dr. Who Site - I think I was here once.
eclectica - a weblog
So Anyway - another Zoe Elizabeth also a 1999 baby

Upcoming Movie: Final Fantasy
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Harry Potter - John Cleese (Nick the Nearly Headless Ghost),
The Lord of the Rings

Someone should just stop Sequels Scary Movie 2

Watching a show on Bruce Goff - Teepee House. Kind of weird talking about Goff this and Goff that (my last name).

Junkyard Wars Alert !! Monday 8pm TLC
Re-run "Power Pullers" Teams compete to build the stronger vehicle

More Useless Photos
They did some kind of silly news story about internet addict. People online for 90 minutes or something like that, what a joke.
That isn't a doctored photo. Its called Mango yes very red.
Playing around with the manual setting on my camera, there is a night time setting and high and low speed shutter settings.

I am reading a ebook on my Visor. I wanted to know what it was like. Nothing beats the feel of paper or the smell of an old book but, I think
I could get used to reading books on my handheld. Plus you can store like 5 or 6 ebooks on a pda for the space of a thick paperback.

More Crap @Sunday, February 4, 2001 - 00:39:10 - tu
Webloggy crud...
I just love spending the weekend doing absolutely nothing.
The only things I did today was spend time with my family, clean up the computer/bedroom and finished a book. Glory Road by Heinlein is not one of his better books. The worse part is the other 2 I have left aren't supposed to be either. I was about ready to shave my head but my wonderful wife said she would cut my hair. I always have the option to shave it if I don't like the way she cuts it. I really like it. I think I should turn off my email for the weekend, its only junk mail. I have had a cold for a few days. I have had this cold for 3 or 4 days. Its not a nasty one but the crazy part is I have passed out around 7 in the evening twice and gotten like 12-13 hours of sleep each night.
Unisex Purity test - Oh yeah I do well on these.
Cheneys Cheif of Staff argued for Rich's pardon for 8 years
3D Ultrasounds

Lian Li PC-70 aluminium PC Cases
Pentium 4 Review
IBM 15,000 rpm Hard Drives
Visor Deluxe Reivew I have had mine for? 10 months?

Sex Toys Guide
Bush Follies

American and British Spelling Differences
Hmmm Guinness - must goto fridge...
Melodyland - have your cell phone play a tune.
Asian Jokes
Tube Hell - London's subways
Freedom of Religion or Belief

Linksluts - Randoms I forgot how much fun it is to use.
clothespins - my linkslut neighbor.
My other neigbor is no more.
An | Ecstasy | Induced | Blog
gmtPlus9 a daily weblog from Osaka, Japan
Anonymous Weblog
Pop Culture Slut

Weblog troubles @Saturday, February 3, 2001 - 23:09:49 - tu
So here is the scoop, on the local group weblog.
1 made a joke about 2 drooling over 3's Girlfriend on a group weblog.
3 took it a joke, 2 was offended and outraged, causing 1 to leave the group log.
1 and 3 have put it behind them, 2 keeps picking at it like an open wound.
2 does acts like a horn dog, and if he doesn't like having that pointed out
he should modify his behavior in public. My wife and others have noticed that
very same behavior.
1 joked about 2 behavior on a weblog which is very public probably not a good
idea, but its pretty much new territory for both. 2 this isn't the R&P board
so give up trying to turn it into one. 1 has made up his mind on leaving the
log so just move on everyone else has. I don't understand how this got so overblown, its not like we are still in high school.

Junk and more Useless stuff @Friday, February 2, 2001 - 17:10:21 - tu
Drew's Lego Porn
Spoiler - Episode II Opening Text

Quarantined cattle may have eaten banned feed - Texas Jan 28th
Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy
Meat Industry News
Animal Concerns

Polar Ice Sheet Shrinking
Melting Antarctic Glacier Raising Sea Level
In total the glacier contains enough ice to raise global sea levels by 5 to 18 feet if it completely melted.
Big SETI plans in the works.
Weblog Awards
/usr/bin/girl/ won wbelog of the year.
Spark Gender Test

"The Christian who calls upon faith has already admitted the irrationality of his belief;
he has already conceded that his beliefs cannot be defended through reason.
[George H. Smith, "Atheism, The Case Against God"]

Juno wants to get into Distributed Computing
Transmeta plans on making multiple +multiple processor machine
Apple bullying Stardock over Anything that looks like Aqua

Interesting Falun Gong story.
Another story on Jesus being mentions so much at Bush's Inauguration.
Smooth Slippery Sex

@Thursday, February 1, 2001 - 23:35:56
Funny Money. 200 Dollar Bush Bill
Maine Senator Susan Collins in for a tough battle
in her next re-election with her strong support of ashcroft.
Apple sells about 1/3rd of the Cubes they projected.
That Linux Worm

Divx Central
Digital Librarian
About Heather Graham
The Comedy Lab check out the
Rantopia - Even I rant sometime.
Bush Palm Helper
Cows Are Cool PETA Site.
Rainbow Christians
Jest for Pun

Just found out.. @Thursday, February 1, 2001
My brother and mom are safely in California!!! I am going to miss that guy, but his wife, the actress will take good care of him. Maybe he will actually start emailing me more often now.
Still haven't figuired out if my Wife wants to do her own weblog, I thought up a good title. It goes well with being married to me, The lady don't mind, like in the Talking Heads song.

I got my 32meg compact flash memory card for my camera today. It can take 57 photos at 1600x1200 in the standard compression mode. I also got a very cool digital camera bag.

Time requires an arguement is coming along swimmingly. Bill is going HTML crazy.
I hope he realizes how much crap is involved in making a site all pretty.
I feel kinds of bad about the quietstorm thing, but I have found it is very hard
for multiple people to work on one weblog, ie the defunked tuboys page.
Your weblog should be a dictatorship or you should only talk and post about useless crap.
Totally Useless is both A Dictatorship & Useless Crap.

We moved the office around here at work, its been the same way for almost 2 years. We needed a change. I grabbed a spare 17" monitor and video card today so I am finally doing the Dual monitor thing, that really cheered me up. I know that sounds silly but it did. Dual monitoring is so cool I can do so much more stuff with 2 screens.

Interest site
Also called
The Sex Cauldron

Interview with Mary
the Webmistress
and also here
Things I have noticed about Mary and her site. Not your typical weblog/blogger type site it sorta doesn't fit that mold. I think she has way too much fun with her webcam which is great. I get the amazon part of her URL, at 6' 3" that is tall but, the she doesn't come accross as a bitch on her site. I think I found the site thru her webcam being at dogbomb another interesting site. Its funny I came accross her friends page Hate the mainstream a few months ago. Its funny I guess I never followed the link to AB then. Makes me wonder how many sites I have been to but missed links to other even cooler sites.

Misc Crayz/Odd Ball Links
Race Queens

Thong Parade

God Shave the Queen

I Love Bacon


God Hates Me

NY Times (sub) - Bush comments didn't know his mike was on.
``I'm about to name my brother the ambassador to Chad,'' Bush joked.

Sega to make games for the Palm.

Transmeta chip Review.
MatchBookDrive and FAFileMover Review.
Very cool. I can take my 32meg CF card from my camera and use
it as spare storage on my visor instead. Thats is just whacky.

The Cliche Site - I am always using to many of these.
@Wednesday, January 31, 2001 - 13:58:27
Quote of the Day
"No myth of miraculous creation is so marvelous as the face of man's evolution."

Poor Dead Idiot. Flying SUV Accident
Link DWL-920 USB Wireless Network Kit
Dreamcast drops to $99
Bluetooth trouble
Online - Magic 8 Ball

Ultra Tiny Notebook. 6.4-inch, swiveling TFT display,
Crusoe 5600-600, 111MB, Rage Mobility 8MB, Toshiba 13GB HD

Crazy Sites mostly E/N sites. I dunno what the deal is with them.
I like a weblog/ e/n hybrid. Pure e/n sites are too messed up for me.
we hate everyone e/n e/n e/n E/N

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