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TU VoiceMail @Wednesday, March 7, 2001 - 17:43:14 - tu
I got this email from yahoo about some of the stuff they offer for free.
I setup the free Yahoo Voice mail feature it's pretty cool.
It allows me to check and receive voice mail and email over the phone.
The Yahoo number is 1-800-699-2466
My mailbox is 207-594-9332 if someone wants to leave me a voicemail
they can call the 1-800 number and do that.

News @Wednesday, March 7, 2001 - 14:34:21 - tu
Microsoft to lose $125 dollars on each Xbox it sells.
Merril Lynch figuires that is worth about 2 billion dolars.
Jedi Religion ?
7 Lines of code to decode DVDs.
Aimster fighting the Napster file blocking.
Scientic American - Telescopes than Hubble.
Another story on that Naked wife Virus
ZD UK has a whole section on Echelon
Hackers hacked too funny.
That was an apache server.
First ever Coffee Cam going down.
Cool Totally Useless is not blocked by Cyber Patrol.

Links/News @Wednesday, March 7, 2001 - 01:57:24 - tu
Help 4 Flash = Yeah I need some.
More Palm I guess my mind is in the gutter.
PC Madness
Gross & Embarrassing Ture Stories
Ultimate List of Doctor Smiths Insults
Some great band names in there.
My Private Ramblings
EM fields linked to cancer
Loggers killed 22 million butterflys

@Tuesday, March 6, 2001 - 21:14:56
The Navy released the names of the Civilians on the Sub

PC Parts @Tuesday, March 6, 2001 - 18:09:30
Everyones needs new toys. I just like to look.
Iwill DDR Athlon MB w/RAID $169
FIC AZ11-E $92.00
Duron 800 mhz $77.00
Thunderbird 800 mhz $126

Nake Wife Trojan
Cool Cases
Gadget Pros

Sub Story @Tuesday, March 6, 2001 - 01:17:17 - tu
I wanna know how much money Bush got from these VIPs.
Sub trip made just for VIPs
"Navy officials now say that had it not been for the civilians,
who included influential Texas businessmen in the oil and gas
the trip would not have taken place."

More on the Sub
Griffiths said the mission was predominantly designed to provide a tour for
VIPs and that they were running about 45 minutes behind schedule. He said the
reason for the delay was that the civilian guests had to eat lunch in two
shifts because the mess room only held 10 people at a time.

few more @Monday, March 5, 2001 - 18:00:28 - tu
Davids Console Shop HK PS stuff.
4 dollar S-Video cable is more in my price range.
Also a PSX Controler on PC with USB
A I Trading LTD

Playstation @Monday, March 5, 2001 - 14:03:37 - tu
PS2 Mod Chip Ouch I would hate to screw that up.
MP3 Player oh yeah
Remote Control uhuh
Mod Plugin yep.

PS Trackball
More Modchip companies.
PointBlank 3 - I want 1 & 2.
Can't seem to find them. EB has 3 for pre-order.
GT2 for 16 bucks ain't to bad. Gaming News
Playstation S-video Cable - Still 30 bucks.
Die Hard Trilogy 2
Point Blank Review
Poiny Blank 2 Review

News @Monday, March 5, 2001 - 11:12:34 - tu
ZyXEL Prestige 316 Review.
SETI is back. Cool. CNN even did a story on the outage.
Bible Thumpers have a problem with Harry Potter. Found at fark.
Does Beheading hurt? Found at fark.
Interest story of Earths past magnetic activity
368 Kbps Wireless ? Cool.
Some kind of link between High Power Lines and increased cancer risks.
I watched the Doom Video at the Japanese Mac Expo.
I didn't listen to it yet, but I wasn't overly impressed.

Been Thinking @Sunday, March 4, 2001 - 23:32:27 - tu
I am no hacker thats for but I think it might be cool to do an underground internet page.
The web isn't just about shopping and weblogs. There is alot of stuff to cover some kind
of jumping off page.

Playstation @Sunday, March 4, 2001 - 23:23:29 - tu
Don't miss the Nut Log Very TU-ish or TU is Nutlog-ish.
Another on of those Blue Logs. I guess our brains work in similar ways.

I have dug out my playstation again. Its in need of some repairs or replacing.
I found some great links for both.This troublesooting pages has helped on
my PSX booting up. I can play some Gran Turismo now.
My wife lvoes to kick my butt at the puzzle games. Puzzle Fighter & Puzzle Bobble 2.
Playstation Troubleshooting & Repair - Very Very cool stuff.
Playstation Mods & Backups
Playstation Covers
Logitech QuickCam Web
Walmart & Amazon teaming up?
Geforce 3 Preview/Benchmarks.
Xircom 802.11 Visor Module in Beta.
Unofficial Gameboy Tetris page
Personality what makes us who we are?

Another Look @Saturday, March 3, 2001 - 00:00:36 - tu
It's been over a month with the old layout time for something new.
Not to differant but a bitch to code. I having it looking very
similar in IE 5.5 and Netscape 4.76. The page is a few KB bigger.
I drew a design then mapped it out as an image again then coverted
to html. I updated the links and some other small stuff.

Computer Toys @Friday, March 2, 2001 - 17:26:44 - tu Sandisk Imagemate Review
I ordered me one from for 30 dollars including shipping.
Future of the Web?
A story on Audrey 640x480 is bad.
Then again so is 160x160 on my visor.
Gorce3 Hype - than 57 million transistors
Geforce2 Family
Wow I didn't realize the speed difference between a GTS and an MX
GoogleGear MSI MS-8815 "Starforce 815" Nvidia GeForce2GTS
MSI Geforce2 Review 1
MSI Geforce2 Review 2
MSI Geforce2 Review 3
MSI Geforce2 Review 4

Links @Friday, March 2, 2001 - 11:19:41 - tu
Email Only Toys - Unbound Communication part of Vtech
Oh My what a toy. IBM T21
IBM Workpad c3 This too.

Palm Gaming World
Cult of the Earwig
Grounded for Life
Mad TV

Very Misc.. @Thursday, March 1, 2001 - 21:02:13 - tu share fell 13% on
>Bankruptcy rumors

Deja News is gone? Google does it now?

Starship Designs
Jeff & Brendan's Dictionary of Wanton Depravity
What is your favorite or most outrageous curse phrase?
Crazy Cards

Consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds -Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have been follow this journal for several weeks.
Whitney's journal

More Namie Amuro

Groovy Search Engine
Pandia Search
Pandia Plus
Pandia Newfinder
Pandia Meta Search
" is not a dot com -company as such. It is owned, designed, written and edited by a couple from Norway:
Per and Susanne Koch."
From the Pandia FAQ. The Painting is Leonardo da Vinci's Lady with an Ermine

Misc @Thursday, March 1, 2001 - 15:23:23 - tu
Man turns in Anti Tank Missile.
Bush sends his prayers to Quake Victims.
I don't think he understands god didn't cause the earthquake.
No more signals from EROS
Harry Potter Movie Trailer is out.
Planet of the Apes Teaser Trailer is out
Zen Buddhism Project
Oldie - The Illustrated Guide To Breaking Your Computer
I Got - Am I Clone
Rapigator Napster Clone
Ultimate Arcade
Web Map - Looks Interesting

Namie Amuro @Thursday, March 1, 2001 - 15:06:46 - tu
I just got Breaking The Rules by Namie Amuro.
Kinda strange some of the songs are all english.
Namie Amuro Genius 2000 Tour DVD Region 3
Same DVD Japanese Region 2
Region Encoding explained
Region Encoding Map
My PC DVD decoder card is Region Free. It's kinda sucky at PC-onscreen DVD playback
but the TV out S-Video is super great. I suppose I will have to plug it back into my machine.

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