The Generation 1 Transformers Test

Red Alert

73 Allegiance, 47 Power, 37 Aggression, 46 Intelligence

You're Red Alert! That's good, and it's bad. The good news is that you have an amazing attentiveness to detail and your teammates appreciate your work... the bad news is that everyone thinks you're nuts, and you probably are. You're ridiculously paranoid, although that might actually help you in your security-related career. You're always on edge, which weirds people out, but down inside, you mean well.

I'm doing the Eve Online, MMORPG Space thing again.
They are coming out with yet another free addon.
I know what I am getting into this time atleast
it's a brutal PVP based game that I only wanna play PVE.

The site is down during the upgrade process.

EVE Online | Features | Revelations - Nov 2006

EVE Online | News
Tranquility will have an extended downtime, Tuesday 28 November,
running for 24 hours from 02:00 in the morning to 02:00 GMT
Wednesday for the deployment of Revelations, Chapter I

OGRank - EVE-Online: Revelations to be released tomorrow
Lots of info on the Revelations additions and changes

EVE Online Developers Discuss Future : Igniq
OGRank - EVE Online: Walking on stations will be a reality

OGRank - EVE Online: combat group organization

The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar
I guess they are doing some beta stress tests on this game.
West must prepare for Chinese, Indian dominance
Wolfensohn said that somewhere between 2030 and 2040, China would become
the largest economy in the world, leaving the United States behind.

Fiery Anti-War Suicide Goes Unnoticed, Iraq War Foe Sets Himself
Ablaze In Chicago, But It Takes 5 Days To Identify His Body

He was an alcoholic who collected fossils, glass eyes, light
bulbs and snare drums. He paid $25 to become an ordained
minister with the Missionaries of the New Truth and operated
a handful of Web sites protesting the Iraq war.

Ananova - Anti-Santa campaign
Ananova - Man needed surgery after sex with hedgehog

US govt warns of Apple flaw - Security

muzzone: iPod is everything and everyone

Borat Star Getting Married, Releasing Christmas Single

Andy Ihnatko :: Avoid the loony Zune

Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning : Interview with Sanya Thomas

Mad World: Gears ad propels song to #1 on iTunes

YouTube - Gears of War Music video

YouTube - Chad Vader 5 UPDATE
Online video 'eroding TV viewing'

Britney goes commando (nsfw)

Damn Interesting » The "Wow!" Signal

Intelligence Of Dolphins Cited in Fight Against Hunt

Humpback whales have "human"(Like) brain cells:

Pagosa subdivision bans peace wreath

The Broken Cross? What really IS the "Peace Symbol?

Freemasonry - Wikipedia
Symbols and their meaning

MegaChurches Growing like Mad

Why Are Atheists So Angry? A Debate with Dennis Prager

Crazy Town Deals -Bargains, Deals, Coupons, Freebies
Digital Deals - The Internet Source For BARGAINS
Ben's Bargains - Bargains, Coupons, Freebies - Your Guide to Technology Bargains
DealCatcher: Free Online Coupons

Ero B&W (NSFW)
Sunday, November 19, 2006
Puyo Pop Fever Match
That darn game keeps track of too much stuff...

People can't stat pad something like that.
Monday, November 13, 2006
Bush Approval Hits New Low: 31%

(Dawkins) Atheist sells books on selling religion

Video game where Jews and Atheists must be killed or converted due for Christmas

Sir Elton: Ban organised religion
Elton John says religion promotes homophobia
“I think religion has always tried to turn hatred towards gay people,”
John said in the Observer newspaper's Music Monthly Magazine.
“Religion promotes the hatred and spite against gays.”

“But there are so many people I know who are gay and love their religion,”
he said. “From my point of view, I would ban religion completely.
Organized religion doesn't seem to work. It turns people into really
hateful lemmings and it's not really compassionate.”

The search for ET turns close to home

Dalai Lama wants Saddam spared
"However horrible an act a person may have committed, everyone
has the potential to improve and correct himself," he said.

Secret sutra found in rubble of Bamiyan Buddha
It was written on pieces of birch bark and wrapped in a piece of cloth

"Lots of" religious right leaders knew #1 evangelical leader, Ted Haggard,
was gay long before the scandal - and did nothing about it

`Superstar' pastors pose challenge

PS3 Japan launch - Kotaku
PlayStation 3 sells out at launch
A fan's view: Sony PlayStation 3

Chavez opens air base for Shakira

BBC NEWS | Special Reports | The world this week
The new Bond film Casino Royale, with Daniel Craig
as James, has its world premiere in London.

Al-Jazeera launches a version in English.
Fucking Fantastic
Webb Takes Virginia
Dems Take Senate, Democrats Win Control Of
Both Houses Of Congress For First Time Since 1994

I told someone the other day I would be shocked it they took the senate.
Bush will have to fire someone else to take the limelight away from the Dems.
Tuesday, November 07, 2006
I finally got into a BF2142 match where I could collect some dogtags.

I would like to thank Kermitthefrag.
Friday, November 03, 2006
The Goon Bible Project - Book of Job

Book of Job - Wikipedia

God, the Devil and a boycott
God, The Devil and Bob

BBC - Comedy Guide - Matthew Carlson
BBC - Comedy Guide - God, The Devil And Bob

God, The Devil, Bob And Dr. DVD God, the Devil and Bob - The Complete Series: DVD
Reviewer - Stephen Ressel:
As GDB ended, I was asked to direct and produce 'Invader Zim'
where I took a good number of the GDB crew in order to do
something very different with far more technical aspects.
US website said to show how to build atomic bomb
The site, known as "Operation Iraqi Freedom Document Portal,"
contained about a dozen documents with diagrams, equations,
and narratives about bomb building

US to shut down Iraq reconstruction watchdog: report

Seven US troops killed in Iraq on Thursday

US redeploys Abu Ghraib abuser to Iraq

U.N.: Nearly 100,000 flee Iraq monthly

Iraq veteran fights mid-term battle

Democrats could give allies an Iraq exit strategy
One of the biggest losers if the Democrats won would be Prime
Minister Tony Blair of Britain, whose commitment to the war
has made him deeply unpopular.

Democrats expected to gain in governors races

Evangelical America hit by gay sex scandal
"There has been some admission of indiscretion, not admission
to all of the material that has been discussed, but there is
an admission of some guilt," Parsley said.

Evangelist steps down over gay sex claim
Iraq war is top issue for voters
Nearly 70 percent said that Bush had no plan to end the war.

An overwhelming 80 percent said they believed that as he seeks to rally public
support for the conflict, Bush has changed his language but not his policy.

Military chart shows Iraq sliding toward

Why Such High Troop Losses In October?
The number climbed to 103 by Tuesday.

40 Shiites Kidnapped In Iraq, Wedding Party Death Toll Up To 23

U.S. military announces death of first soldier killed in Iraq in November
Deserter who surrendered AWOL again