Tuesday, March 27, 2007
Gonzales aide to invoke Fifth Amendment
Poll backs subpoenas of Bush aides

Gonzales says he had role in firings

Former Top Justice Official to Contradict Gonzales Statements
Senators Question Gonzales' Credibility

War and Piece: GWB43.com
Waxman Warns RNC, Bush-Cheney Campaign: Don’t Delete Your Emails
Waxman Questions White House Security Practices

Fitzgerald, Gonzales scheduled to meet in Chicago Tuesday

Gonzales Should Do Bush a Favor

Bush Alone - By Robert Novak
In half a century, I have not seen a president so isolated from his own party in
Congress -- not Jimmy Carter, not even Richard Nixon as he faced impeachment.

A good source says the president never will ask Gonzales to resign.
That exactly reverses the prevailing Republican opinion in Congress.

Alberto Gonzales Tells NBC "Nothing Improper" Took Place During Prosecutor Purge

NPR : Dems Allege Interference in Phone-Jamming Case
Democrats allege that Justice Department officials in Washington
interfered in the case, and they want Congress to investigate.
US troops in Iraq want out
"It is like the movie 'Groundhog Day'. Each day is the same and nothing ever changes,"

"If no one wants us here we are quite ready to get out tomorrow,"
said the outspoken vehicle commander.

Hamilton sees little hope for success in Iraq
Hamilton, helped lead an independent commission that recommended
major changes in the U.S. approach in Iraq last year.

One of the problems with the surge is that it hasn't been accompanied
by an equal increase in regional diplomacy, economic reconstruction
and finding a political path to national reconciliation.

Iraq war protests continue nationwide
Dozens arrested in Iraq protests
Poll: Support for the Iraq war deteriorates

U.S. Marine Pilot Is Rescued in Arabian Sea - Ejected from his F/A-18C

Army Brigade Finds Itself Stretched Thin

New Iraq security stations hampered by trust
Most Iraqis more pessimistic

Roadside bomb kills two U.S. soldiers in southern Baghdad
Fifteen die as oil hub bombed

Saddam Hussein's vice president hanged
CAUGHT ON TAPE: Gonzales Lies Under Oath
In testimony on Jan. 18, Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales assured
the Senate Judiciary Committee that the Justice Department had no intention
of avoiding Senate input on the hiring of U.S. attorneys.

Just a month earlier, D. Kyle Sampson, who was then
Gonzales's chief of staff, laid out a plan to do just that.

In an e-mail, he detailed a strategy for evading Arkansas Democrats
in installing Tim Griffin, a former GOP operative and protege of
presidential adviser Karl Rove, as the U.S. attorney in Little Rock.

Statements on firings are key

Law prof: Patriot Act provision possibly tied to attorney firings didn't 'come out of head of Zeus'

E-Mail Indicates Rove Role in Firings
Rove Is Linked to Early Query Over Dismissals

White House backs off on Miers scenario
The story keeps changing, which neither does them or the public any good,"
Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said Friday. "They ought to gather all the
facts and tell the public the truth."

W. House: Undecided on Rove testimony on attorneys
The White House typically argues that officials who are not confirmed
by the Senate, like Rove, do not have to appear before Congress.

Snow also backed away from initially pointing the finger at former
White House counsel Harriet Miers as the one who first proposed firing
all the federal prosecutors after Bush won re-election in late 2004.

Probe of Federal Prosecutors Intensify

Aborted DOJ Probe Probably Would Have Targeted Gonzales
Report: Gonzales had FISA inquiry conflict
Rove Tied More Closely to Firings as Gonzales Support Fades

Phony Fraud Charges - New York Times
John McKay, one of the fired attorneys, says he was pressured by Republicans
to bring voter fraud charges after the 2004 Washington governor’s race, which
a Democrat, Christine Gregoire, won after two recounts.

Carol Lam, the San Diego attorney, seems to have been fired to stop her from
continuing an investigation that put Republican officials and campaign contributors at risk.

Gonzales’s Critics See Lasting, Improper Ties to White House

E-Mail Indicates Rove Role in Firings
White House political adviser Karl Rove raised questions in early 2005 about
replacing some federal prosecutors but allowing others to stay, an e-mail
released Thursday shows.

Earlier Thursday, Rove told journalism students in Alabama that the decision
to fire each prosecutor "was made at the Department of Justice on the basis
of policy and personnel."

Bush criticizes Gonzales on attorney firings

Second Republican says Gonzales should go

GOP support for Gonzales erodes further

Alberto Gonzales - Wikipedia

Revised Patriot Act used in firings, officials say
Wednesday’s explanation of the Patriot Act changes, along with the release
of new e-mail correspondence, was meant to stave off mounting accusations
by Democrats, who say they now are suspicious that the changes were part
of an attempt to grab executive powers and play politics with prosecutorial appointments.

United States Attorney - Wikipedia
on March 9, 2006, President George W. Bush signed into law the Patriot Act Reauthorization Bill of 2005[5] which amends Section 546 by striking subsections (c) and (d) and inserting the following new subsection:

(c) A person appointed as United States attorney under this section may serve until the qualification of a united States Attorney for such district appointed by the President under section 541 of this title.

This, in effect, strikes the 120 days limit on interim U.S. Attorneys, and effectively extends their term to the end of the appointing President's term, which circumvents the U.S. Senate confirmation process.

The United States Senate is currently investigating this revision to the U.S. Patriot Act.

Margaret Chiara says she doesn't know why she was fired
Thursday, March 15, 2007
Digit ratio Wikipedia
In men, the second digit tends to be shorter than the fourth, and in females
the second tends to be the same size or slightly longer than the fourth.

Of course I'm not typical.
On my left hand my index and ring fingers are the same length.
On my right hand my ring finger is only like a 1/16th of an inch longer.
If I did my math correctly My 2D:4D is like .9895

BBC NEWS | Health | Finger length gives sports clue
King's College study found women whose ring finger is longer than their
index finger are more likely to achieve higher levels in sport.

BBC NEWS | Health | Finger length 'key to aggression'
Men with the shortest index fingers scored higher on measures of physical
aggression than those with longer index fingers, but the study's findings
did not apply to women.

In women, the two fingers are usually almost equal in length, as measured
from the crease nearest the palm to the fingertip. In men, the ring finger
tends to be much longer than the index.

BBC News | SCI/TECH | A finger on sexuality
Scientists from California found that lesbian women have a greater
difference in length between their ring finger and index finger than straight women do.

Homosexual men without older brothers had finger length ratios indistinguishable from heterosexual men.

BBC News | HEALTH | Finger length heart attack clue
The research shows that boys with shorter ring fingers tend to be at greatest risk.

Digit ratio - Wikipedia
Prenatal exposure to testosterone is thought to promote the development of the
right-hemisphere and increase the incidence of sinistrality. (Left-handedness)
As such low 2D:4D was found to be associated with improved left-hand performance.

The 2nd to 4th Digit Ratio and Autism

The 2nd to 4th digit ratio and autism (PDF)
Second to fourth digit ratio, testosterone and perceived male dominance.

Using 2D:4D to sex cave art hand stencils (PDF)

BPS RESEARCH DIGEST: Men's dancing style determined in the womb

Found via LJ. Don't think it's a repost from any other site.

Digg - US Troops Attack Iraqi Sheep with Grenades [Video]
Why Were These U.S. Attorneys Fired?

Panel OKs subpoenas in attorney probe

Sen. John Sununu of New Hampshire on Wednesday became the first Republican
to call for Gonzales' ouster just hours after Bush gave the attorney general,
a longtime friend of the president, a vote of confidence.

Republican Says Gonzales Should Be Fired

Bush Criticizes Handling of Prosecutors’ Dismissals
Mr. Bush defended the removals as “customary practice,” adding:
“I’ve heard those allegations about political decision making.
It’s just not true.”

Mr. Specter has expressed particular concern about the dismissal of Carol C. Lam,
who prosecuted Randy Cunningham, the former Republican congressman now serving
an eight-year sentence in a corruption case.

Subpoenas target Justice; White House could be next

Most of the federal prosecutors claim they were the political casualties
of rankling the White House, and some say they were pressured by members
of Congress to expedite politically charged cases.

"I believe that they (Gonzales & Deputy AG Paul McNulty) misled my committee.
Whether it was deliberate or not is what we're going to have to find out," Leahy said.

Despite 'Mistakes,' Bush Backs Gonzales

Seven U.S. attorneys were fired Dec. 7 and another was dismissed months earlier
with little explanation from Justice Department officials. Later, Justice said
the firings were based on poor performance, but e-mails released yesterday show
that the administration originally pondered dismissing all 93 U.S. attorneys
and considered political loyalty in developing the final list.

Unhappy Bush says firings not political

Still Vague: Why Were Prosecutors Fired?

ASU Professor: U.S. Attorneys Fired Because of Opposing Political Views

NPR : Context: How U.S. Attorneys Are Hired and Fired
NPR : Anatomy of a Scandal: E-Mails Led Up to Dismissal

News Hounds: Fox Morning Show Lies About Political Firings of U.S. Attorneys
Tuesday, March 13, 2007
'Impaler' pledges to impale Bush
Sharkey previously ran for President in 2004, and has run
for Congress several time, occasionally as a Republican.

Jonathon Sharkey - Wikipedia
is a self-proclaimed satanist, "sanguinary vampyre",
Hecate Witch and professional boxer as well as wrestler

The Vampires, Witches, and Pagans Party was founded by Sharkey in 2005.
It is officially recognized by United States Federal Election Committee


Top U.S. General Calls Homosexuality 'Immoral'
Pace won't apologize for gay remark
Pace Expresses Regret Over Gay Remark

Former President Bush gives speech day after collapsing on golf course
He joked: "The ugliest part was my dear friend from Las Vegas (a male friend)
was giving me mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. We had about six beautiful girls
there and there was (my friend) doing his part."

Gonzales to take questions about firings
Justice aide resigns over prosecutor firings

Schumer: Gonzales Staffer "Will Not Become The Next Scooter Libby"
Doc Lists Attorneys "in The Process of Being Pushed Out"
What Rove Knew

Evangelicals slam torture in war on terrorism

U.S. $1 coins 'Godless' after mint error
"Have the ACLU and the militant atheists infiltrated the U.S. Mint?"
writes conservative columnist Tony Phyrillas.

Poll: 69 percent oppose pardon for Libby in CIA leak case

Has Ann Coulter hit her tipping point?

Rep. Stark applauded for atheist outlook
Rep. Pete Stark (D-Cal.): first openly nontheistic member of Congress
Goddamned Atheist Snuck Into Congress (In 1973) - Wonkette