Thursday, May 22, 2008
I Power - FAQ
We are a group of 5 people, known online as 'movieLOL', filmmakers
and well-known 'net neutrality'-activists who launched the immensely
popular YouTube reality-series 'ATHENE'. We're also known internationally
as NEE, the political movement that shocked and intrigued the world with
its controversial satirical '40,000 blowjobs' campaign.

NEE - Wikipedia

MySpace - Athene - 27 - Male

I POWER / Athene forums
Don't Stay a Virgin
MAY 18: Tania Derveaux - Daylife
Thursday, May 15, 2008
Empyrean Age and all that – An Overview

Eve Online: Empyrean Age Teaser

War is coming....


EVE Online | Forums | War is coming.... (The Empyrean Age - Teaser Released!)

empyrean age testing on singularity. 24 May, 2008
The plan is to have the bulk of the features for our summer expansion,
Empyrean Age, up and running on Singularity this week, and the playtesting
will be focusing on all the mechanisms involved in Factional Warfare,
which is the main feature of the expansion.
Tuesday, May 13, 2008
Advertising: Disturbing Ad Will Put You Off Video Games Forever
GamePolitics - Is Hillary Clinton’s Face on GTA IV’s Statue of Happiness?
New firmware to fix GTA PS3

Studio Is Prize in Takeover Duel - WSJ

Two New Ways to Explore the Virtual Universe, in Vivid 3-D
BBC NEWS | Virtual telescope opens night sky

Einstein writes of 'childish superstition' | The Guardian
In the letter, he states: "The word god is for me nothing more than the expression
and product of human weaknesses, the Bible a collection of honourable, but still
primitive legends which are nevertheless pretty childish. No interpretation no matter
how subtle can (for me) change this."

60 Photography Links You Can’t Live Without at CameraPorn

Soldiers Say Porn Ban May Hurt Morale

Mass Effect PC: No 10-Day Validation After All
Bioware Listens: Mass Effect DRM changed

BDN - Stephen King defends remarks on Army, Iraq

Hulu - MacGruber: Father and Son: Saturday Night Live

Welcome To Dennis Hof's BunnyRanch! NSFW
Dennis Hof - Wikipedia
'BunnyRanch' Brothel Owner Endorses Underdog GOP Candidate Ron Paul

Cosmopolitan - female friendly porn
Female Friendly Porn - Web Sex - Marie Claire

Australia’s Female-Friendly Porn
Unveiling the myths of porn | The Courier-Mail

Erotica for Women at For The Girls, quality porn for women
Passion Concepts

Arabs surf Israeli porn sites

I dunno how I stumbled on this...
YouTube - death by horse sex reaction
YouTube - death by horse sex reaction
YouTube - death by horse sex reaction
YouTube - death by horse sex reaction
YouTube - death by horse sex reaction
YouTube - death by horse sex reaction
Wednesday, May 07, 2008
Mass Effect & Spore DRM goes too far
You will need to re-activate your copy with the publisher every 10 days. Forever.

'Reno 911!' Cops Return with New Episodes Thursday, May 22
Future episodes feature the Reno cops training a squad of policemen
from Baghdad, hiring a Hollywood acting coach to teach them how to
go undercover and Lt. Wiegel's estranged father returning from prison
and partying at strip clubs with her co-workers.

Amazon - Reno 911 - The Complete Fifth Season
This title will be released on July 15, 2008.

Elgato HDHomeRun HDTV Tuner Video Review - Video by PC Magazine

Neanderthals were separate species, new study finds

Veterans' office covering up soldier suicides: US lawmakers

Rare but Real: People Who Feel, Taste and Hear Color

Take-Two Confirms GTA IV's Half a Billion Week

GTA IV gets 1.01 patch, freezing fixed
GTA IV PS3 patch due today News

Realtime downplays GTA Online talk News
All Points Bulletin, due out on PC and 360 (and possibly PS3), is an urban MMO
where players choose between being the criminals or the police trying to stop them.

GTA Multiplayer: Wait, I'm a Zombie?

Sony considering external PS3 hard drive?
Obama Wins North Carolina Decisively; Clinton Takes Indiana by Slim Margin

O'Donnell claims Clinton will drop out by June 15
Hillary Clinton says shell stay in the presidential race
McGovern Urges Clinton to Drop Out : NPR

Clinton lends her struggling campaign $6.4 million
She gave her campaign $5 million earlier this year.

Chris Matthews Admits: MSNBC Bosses Were "Basically Pro-War"
The people I work with--all my bosses--seem to be for Hillary.
I just sense it. They don't actually say it, but there's no sense
from the top I can tell you that it's pro-Obama.. by any means.
That's not what I get.

Indiana nuns lacking ID denied at poll by fellow sister
"One came down this morning, and she was 98, and she said,
'I don't want to go do that,'" Sister McGuire said.
Some showed up with outdated passports. None of them drives.