Thursday, July 31, 2008
Warhammer Online can run on five year-old computers
TVG: NCSoft Announces Three New Projects News
Pachter: DS successor could be introduced this year
Intel: Some example of Ray Traced gaming likely in 2-3 years

PixelJunk Eden Trophies detailed
Trophies for PixelJunk Eden

Home beta client getting significant rehaul
Home beta expanding to Japan

Sony's PlayStation 3 'Home' test service to start
Similar "beta tests" will be offered in the U.S. and Europe in the next few months

Playstation Home (.jp)
PlayStation®Home (.jp)

Japanese PSN: Closed Beta - PLAYSTATION®3 Home - Forums

SCE, PS3 community for 3 D "Home" to start testing

Play “The Last Guy” Now
The Last Guy Landing Soon

Soul Calibur IV's character creation system gone wild

PlayStation - Rag Doll Kung Fu™: Fists of Plastic
PlayStation - Fat Princess
PlayStation - Flower
PlayStation - Crash Commando

Ogilvy Digital Labs - PSN/Home- E3 2008

Spore: CNN Tackles Hot Spore Porn Issue

HEXUS: Five must-have Nintendo DS games that you may have missed
Why Richard Garriott Can't Play Tabula Rasa in Space
Saints Row dev couldn't get its head around Cell
Naughty Dog Q&A On taking the PS3 into Uncharted territory
Bungie "very excited" about Halo Wars News

Why I'm an illegal downloader |
P2P File Sharing: Legendary eDonkey servers dead

Jointech -$99 - Laptop JL7100

YouTube - Adam Carolla: To Hell and Back
YouTube - Loveline - Adam Carolla gets Mad at Dr. Drew
YouTube - Adam Corolla hangs up on Ann Coulter (LANGUAGE)
The Man Show - Adam Carolla SWAT Training
Friday, July 25, 2008
MSNBC beats on Fox for its 'anti-aging fix' for McCain
Fox ran video of a strangely youthful and vigorous-looking McCain at a campaign
rally to accompany a story about McCain's current campaign schedule.
However, the video also prominently features a sign reading ","
which at one point is even waved in front of McCain's face.

McCain struggles to be heard in face of Obama trip
McCain asserted that President Bush's "surge" had helped inspire the Anbar
Province awakening in which Sunni chieftans stopped fighting the U.S. and
began to fight al-Qaida. Democrats gleefully pointed out that the Anbar
rebellion happened before Bush announced his troop buildup in January 2007
and the extra troops began arriving that March.

McCain fighting the label 'old and confused'

Israeli paper publishes Obama Western Wall prayer

Silent Posting -
With His Blog Kaboom, a Young Soldier Told of His War.
Last Month, the Army Made Him Shut It Down.

Air Force: Nuclear missile crew fell asleep on duty

Northern Lights Mystery Exposed By Scientists

Guinea pig festival features cooks 'cuy', or Guinea Pigs
Thursday, July 17, 2008
John Romero – From Frags to Riches
Romero’s fallen in love with online worlds. “I really like them,” he enthuses.
“I love what an MMO is. I’m insane about World Of WarCraft. It’s just such an
awesome game. And after playing it, I thought, ‘I just I have to do an MMO
it’s the next big thing’.”

John Romero - Wikipedia
On August 31, 2005, Romero confirmed[6] that he has been working on a yet-to-be-announced MMOG

Slipgate Ironworks

Wipeout HD On Track | TheSixthAxis

Elefunk hits EU - PSN Content: 17/07/08
Elefunk on PSN today News - Eurogamer

Sony confirms 80GB PS3 for Europe
PlayStation Home will also launch into open beta on the same day and date this Autumn
as the US market, and that the precise date would be revealed nearer the time.

Spore space phase is 15-20 hours, has one ending

BBC NEWS | Blizzard wins Warcraft bot battle
Blizzard Bot Ruling Sets A Dangerous Precedent On Copyright

Spammers Choose GMail
Sony acknowledges firmware 2.40 problems
Sony pulls PlayStation 3 firmware 2.40 update following bricked console reports
Sony Posts, Then Pulls Playstation 3 2.40 Firmware Update

Speaking of fun. I had to Un-install and Re-install Spore Creature Creator.
I have my critters all backed up, but couldn't veiw all of them.

I had that problem with the Demo aswell. Not fun or cool.
Wednesday, July 02, 2008
Seymour Hersh On Covert Operations In Iran : NPR
Hersh says, Cheney's position is if Israel attack Iran it we'll be blamed for it, we might as well do it ourselves and do it. We have been moving cruise missiles into the area for months. They would need to hit a dozen sites to push back the Iranians 5-10 years. Israel doesn't have the air power to do it.

Ex-Agent Says CIA Ignored Iran Facts
"On five occasions he was ordered to either falsify his reporting
on WMD in the Near East, or not to file his reports at all.

Right-Wing Apoplectic Over Pixar’s WALL-E: ‘Malthusian Fear Mongering,’ ‘Fascistic Elements’

Firmware Update Problems: PS3 2.40 Update Problems And Solutions
Trophies confirmed for LittleBigPlanet
PS3 Firmware 2.40 is now live

Super Stardust HD first game to support trophies
Game Piracy Lawyers Full of Hot Air?

No bare bums or boobs in Soulcalibur IV
Predators use gaming consoles to 'get foot in the door'

Gaming Verdict - Top 10 Flash Games
50 Skills every gamer should possess - GameGrep

Spore - Community
Spore - Tutorials

Spore: Sporelebrity Contest Kicks Off

Joystiq hands-on: Spore (the whole thing) - Joystiq
Playing Spore: A Lesson in Teabagging

Sacha Baron Cohen to star as Sherlock Holmes with Will Ferrell

Nick Swardson - Funny or Die
Nick Swardson - YouTube

HDTV Info - Top 10 Hi-Def Television Myths Solved

Age Disparity in Relationships
Cary Grant and Barbara Harris, 47 years. She was 30 and he was 77
at their marriage in 1981. The marriage lasted 5 years and ended
at his death in 1986. She was his fifth wife. Use Google searches anonymously.
Scroogle - Wikipedia