Friday, August 29, 2008
Warhammeeeerrrr! - Preview Weekend Update - The Update!

Warhammeeerrr! Head Start Dates Confirmed
All Collector's Edition pre-order customers will have access to the Headstart from the 14th of September while all Standard Edition pre-orders will be joining them a day later on the 15th.

A Mythic: $1 Billion Not Needed to Compete with WoW
Warhammer Online lead designer estimates the real amount to be around $100 million

Earlier this year, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick said investing $500 million to a billion in a product wouldn't be enough to compete in the same space as World of Warcraft.

While Jacobs will only admit to EA spending "south of $100 million on "Warhammer Online," he says they will need at least half a million subscribers to be successful.

PAX08: New features coming to Warhammer Online for the open beta

WAR population heading towards equilibrium, poll suggests
Thursday, August 28, 2008
Spore just broke 3 Million creatures recently.
I've published 96 on Sporepedia I find it very relaxing to just make two or three in a sitting. It has a meditative quality to see what your mind comes up with when your just messing around with different shapes and designs.
I've made some pretty crazy creatures that would probably even confuse Darwin.

Will Wright Praises Spore Porn, Drops Console Hints
Will Wright on the origins of 'Spore'
Spore: Galactic Edition unboxed

Master of the universe
Wright was hoping for 100,000 creations to be online in the two months before the game
proper released. This was achieved within 22 hours of the Creator becoming available.

IGN: Spore
Gamespot:Spore for PC

Contest - Grand prize for the 4 Millionth creation - a PC and monitor
Wednesday, August 27, 2008
McCain Owes America An Alzheimer's Test
McCain is two years older than his father was when he died suddenly
of a heart attack at 70. He is 11 years older than his grandfather
was when he died suddenly of a heart attack at age 61.

America cannot afford the risk that McCain would develop cognitive impairment
(like 22% of Americans over 70) or Alzheimer's (like 13% of Americans over 65)

I was looking for this baby joke and I found this...

This site contains variations on a joke designed to offend, told with explicit
language, sex, violence and disturbing imagery to see which teller can top the other. An Aristocrat Joke Database

Digg - A pirate, not a theif.

Best of Leipzig GC 2008 winners
Best PS3 Game: Little Big Planet
Best PC Game: Spore
Best Online Game: Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

The Booth Babes that caused quite a stir - GameGrep
The Good (and not so good) Cosplayers of Games Convention 2008

EVE is better than WOW, says Denis Dyack
Funcom confirms 400k subscribers News
Free Ryzom accounts on offer News

Warhawk 1.50 patch out now in Europe
TheSixthAxis | Trophy List: Warhawk
PS3 Attitude: PlayFactory set to bring more Eye candy

IGN: Spore Tribal Stage Video Preview
Tuesday, August 26, 2008
'Spore' Creature Creator Patch Available NOW

PlayOn! | MediaMall Technologies
PlayOn enables consumers who own a PLAYSTATION 3, etc.. to watch Internet video
from sites including Hulu, CBS, YouTube, ESPN and more on their television.
We have just released PlayOn Beta. Netflix support is just down the road.

TVersity - Home Watch PC Media on your PS3.

McCain Homes Flap Is No Joke
Watchdog project,, that McCain and his wife, Cindy, own
at least seven. Seven homes. Worth in the neighborhood of $13 million.

On Leno, McCain Invokes POW History When Asked About House Controversy

Watchdogs make it harder for politicians to stretch the truth
Obama asks Justice probe of 'Issues' ads - UPI
Airline asks 'anti-McCain' ad be removed - UPI

Most Anticipated Fall 2008 PC Games
Readers pick best webcomic: A life of service - Joystiq
Tabulator: Comparing the PlayStation 3 SKUs - Joystiq

Warhammer Online Goes Gold
Warhammer Online strikes gold

You ask the Questions - Q&A With Mythic
Beta impressions of Warhammer MMORPG fairly positive

Actual WH40K MMO details here
THQ: WoW has peaked, Warhammer 40k MMO years away
Warhammer 40,000 Online | GamesRadar
MMOHell - Warhammer 40K Online

Windows 7 - Wikipedia
Windows 7 in 2009? Be careful what you wish for
Windows 7: The Anti-Vista? | ZDNet
Microsoft launches its own blog for 'Windows 7'
2500 Windows 7 employees broken up into 25 feature teams
Vista adopted faster than XP during same time frame
Five features that must die in Windows 7

Skunk ape - Wikipedia
Bookmarked that before they mentioned on Venture Brothers the other night.
List of cryptids - Wikipedia
I've been wrapped up in the Warhammer Online Preview Weekend. The game is very big and very deep, I've only been able to scratch the surface of it. The first few hours I wasn't too sure, but I put more time and tried some other classes and really got into it.

I made this wallpaper to remember all the classes

So after having a horrible time on Fileplanet trying to download the Warhammer Client I switched over to the EA Mythic torrent. The torrent was amazing 300-310k I was getting 40-120k on the Fileplanet cluser. Mythic don't really tell you anything about the process though once you have it downloaded. The game runs a patching program, but you can't run it unless your in the closed beta. Hopefully thing will go smoothly for the free preview weekend.
EAMythic Patcher - Warhammer Forums
Done with the OB download... now what? - Warhammer Forums
Fileplanet download questions - Warhammer Forums

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning - Preview Weekend Invite

It is our pleasure to invite you to the Warhammer Online:
Age of Reckoning Preview Weekend taking place this Friday,
August 22nd thru Monday, August 25th.

You will find the link to the Torrent file here:

Welcome to WAR. See you on the battlefield…WAAAGH!!!

War cinématique 2
Monday, August 18, 2008
IGN: EA Reveals Open Beta Details for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning
Mythic will be hosting a special North American Beta Preview Weekend, from August 22nd
through August 25th, and 100,000 players will be invited to end the closed beta with a bang.

Those who pre-ordered the now sold-out Collector's Edition will get top priority.

Warhammer Online - Status: Active | Created: 8/15/2008
Open Beta
Head Start
WAR Preview

Mythic Begins Preparations for September 7th Open Beta

Fileplanet Open Beta Download! - Warhammer Forums

Open Beta, Preview Weekend, NDA, etc. - Warhammer Forums
4) As to the NDA, we expect to lift it tomorrow morning.
Saturday, August 16, 2008
I noticed my SETI client was doing one of the new tests.

Very Cool Stuff!

SETI @ Home - Astropulse FAQ
Astropulse is a new type of SETI. It expands on the original SETI@home, but does not replace it.
The original SETI@home searches for narrowband signals, as does a conventional AM or FM radio.
Astropulse, on the other hand, listens for broader-band, short-time pulses.

About Astropulse

Slashdot | SETI@Home Adds New Search Method

Astropulse - Wikipedia
What a nice lazy Saturday I'm having today. I was able to sleep in and get almost 12 hours of sleep. I don't even plan on getting dressed today, much less leaving the house. Last night I made several more Spore Creatures. The spore creature creator is a very relaxing pass time. Before that I put in 3-4 hours into Team Fortress 2 for some very mindless entertainment.
I'm doing some last minute Mining in EVE online because my subscription runs out on the 20th. I've had alot of fun over the nine months playing EVE, but I just feel like I've finished the game. I've got a Maelstrom Level 4 Mission runner with lots of skills trained up, but I don't feel like running any more missions. I've got a Hulk mining pilot ship trained up, but mining is just about as exciting as watching paint dry. I'm downloading Tabula Rasa free beta users trial. I was in the beta around this time last year and just received an email offer from them today. That free trial should keep me busy until I get into the WAR open beta. I enjoyed the beta to a point, but I still don't think they know what the end game supposed to be. I'm listening to the Van Hemlock Podcast talk about WaR, TR, WoW and Conan.
Thursday, August 14, 2008
Warhammer Online Pre-Order Program
To register for Open Beta:

1. After August 15, 2008 visit the Mythic Account Management website.
2. Create a new Warhammer Online game account.
3. When prompted, enter your Open Beta code.

Mythic Entertainment | Account Management

Amazon:Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning
Pre-order now and get one code to take part in the Warhammer Online Open Beta,
and another code to gain early access via the Live Game Head Start and get
two in game bonus items: "Rittenbach's Portable Camp" and "Guardian's Iolite Band."
Unlock Codes will be placed in the Download section of Amazon's Media Library.

Have Pre-Order Questions? - Warhammer Forums

What to do with the Beta Code? - Warhammer Forums
Warhammer Forums - FAQ

WAR PvP Marauder