Wednesday, December 31, 2008
PlayStation Home And Second Life: Worlds Apart

PlayStation 3 used to hack SSL, Xbox used to play Boogie Bunnies - Engadget
Using a pool of 200 PlayStation 3 systems, the team of researchers managed to create a rogue
certificate authority which could then be used to issue fake security certificates to websites.

Blackout looms in Time Warner, Viacom standoff

Sony Clarifies Home's 'Open Beta': News from
In other words, if something goes wrong, they can always point a finger and say "hey, open beta."

2009 to be celebrated as International Year of Astronomy
International Year of

What’s on the box this New Year?

Celebrities line up for Big Brother
Celebrity Big Brother 2009
Celebrity Big Brother 2009 Photo Gallery
Celeb BB: Time to tune in?

Shhh! Gadget racket threatens pulsar research

The Best (and worst) Films of the Year
The Hammer - Plenty of people will decide not to see this film because they aren't fans of snarky writer and star,
Adam Carolla. That would be a huge mistake. Carolla certainly stays within his safe zone as an actor, but it all
works perfectly in this middle-class comedy about an aging boxer who finally gets his shot.

Urban Dictionary: snarky

5 predictions for 2009 | CNET News

PlayStation 3 production costs dropping, price drop possible
Report: PS3 manufacturing costs drop 35 percent
Clips: BioShock PS3 Japanese Ad Slightly Frightens US
PlayStation 3 Owners Have A Thing For Pain
PlayStation 3 101: Surfing The Web Soul Calibur IV: $29.99

Bioshock (PS3) $29.99 Shipped @ Newegg deals at Dealighted
People Powered Deals Search - Dealighted Discount Shopping

Namie Amuro - BEST FICTION TOUR (07-12-2008 - Saitama Super Arena) (FR)
Friday, December 26, 2008
I finally picked up Fallout 3. It's one of those games I heard about, but didn't
pay alot of attention to. The gameplay is amazing, it's perfect for me because
of the freedom in the gameplay, unlike other story based games like GTA IV or R2.

Fallout 3 - Wikipedia
The game received a positive response from critics who in particular
praised its open-ended gameplay and flexible character-levelling system.

Portal:Fallout 3 - Fallout Wiki - The Vault
Fallout 3 achievements and trophies

Planet Fallout: Fallout 3 Maps, Guides and News
Fallout 3 - Planet Fallout Wiki

GameSpy: Fallout 3 Trophies Guide

Fallout: Welcome to the Official Site
Bethesda Game Studios Forums

Fallout 3 Gameplay - V.A.T.S Montage (High Quality)
Fallout 3 - V.A.T.S - Combat - AfterRelease Footage
Fallout 3 V.A.T.S
Fallout 3 Teddy Bears in VATS

Hulu - Action
Hulu - Horse Feathers
Hulu - Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
Hulu - A Muppets Christmas Special: Letters to Santa
I think I need to watch more Hulu.

Three Speech: Eight key gaming trends of 2009…

Tabula Rasa now free for all until its death

Ccp: EVE Online Developers Ponder Moving Out Of Home
Economy Might Force EVE Online Dev. Out of Iceland
Icelanders' struggle to survive after banking collapse

IGN: LittleBigPlanet Interview
Toying with Copyright | Edge Online

Resistance 2 Podcast: Multiplayer Tweaks Coming
Killzone 2: Killzone 2 Box Art Revealed

PS3 -

Home Beta Service Will Become Available
The soon to be released Warhawk, Resistance, Guitar Hero and SOCOM spaces.

The Buzzwords of 2008 - NYTimes

Could Zeta Jones be Doctor Who?

BBC - Entertainment - Vampires return in new TV series
New ITV1 drama Demons is set to hit living rooms this festive season
think Buffy meets Doctor Who mixed with Dracula and you're halfway there.

Mini Me And Ian Wright Favourites To Win Celebrity Big Brother 2009
Celebrity Big Brother - the official Celeb BB UK website

"9" Trailer Similar to PS3's LittleBigPlanet
9 (film) - Wikipedia
9 (2009 film) - Wikipedia
9 (2009)

Gorilla tactics rejected - (2002)
The zoo management's proposal for an artificial insemination program
using manual stimulation of the sedated gorilla was vetoed by zookeepers.
Gorilla 'Kibabu' » Taronga Zoo Gallery » ZooChat
Taronga Welcomes Christmas Gorilla Baby
Tuesday, December 23, 2008
More Random Crap
Teardown of Sony's PlayStation 3 - BusinessWeek
According to iSuppli, the device costs significantly less to build
than when it was first released in 2006, and is nearing break-even.

PS3: Playstation 3 Will Be 3D Ready In 2009?

PS3s Help Astrophysicists Solve Black Hole Mystery

RE5 dev: PS3 is not hard to develop for

Moral Orel - Wikipedia
At the 2008 San Diego Comic Con Stamatopoulos announced
that the show would not be renewed for a fourth season.
Cancelled? - Moral Orel - Adult Swim
[adult swim] : Adult Swim Video

Censoring Breastfeeding on Facebook

/gamer » Blog Archive » iBoobs on the iPhone
Monday, December 15, 2008
Re: moderators in home - PlayStation®Home - SCEE
Our moderators are invisible and the grief reporting mechanism alerts us to people
we should be watching. However grief reports are not something we take at face value,
we always treat them as analert that something needs to be investigated rather than
a call to zap someone just because a grief report was submitted.
Although invisible our moderators will be showing themselves occasionally to letpeople
know they're there but moderating whilst invisible brings us a powerful mechanic and a huge
efficiency at the same time.Thats probably stating the obvious but its worth saying anyway.

Spike VGAs: Here Are Your Spike Video Game Awards Winners
LBP and MGS4 score two big wins each at VGA 2008

Fallout 3 patch brings Trophies, stops annoying freezing bug
Trophies: Fallout 3 - PS3 Fanboy

News: Sony: 'Home will be a system seller'

Teen Shot Parents Because They Took Away Halo 3

Namco Bandai: Katamari Creator's New Game Dated, Priced
Noby Noby Boy release date, price & details revealed

Interview: Home - ComputerAndVideoGames

Home Guide Tips/Tricks/Lists/Unlockables - PLAYSTATION3 Home

Valkyria Largely Ignored by U.S. Gamers | Edge Online

Is Sony's PS3 Really a Sinking Ship? - washingtonpost

Fred Phelps Wants In On Atheist Sign Situation

Iraqi reporter throws shoes at Bush, calls him dog
Friday, December 12, 2008
EU - TedTheDog - 12th December - PlayStation Home
We are aware that some people may be experiencing difficulty in accessing
Home at present. This is due to overwhelming demand for the service as people
access Home for the very first time since it became Open Beta and appeared on the XMB.

Error codes and their meanings - PlayStation Home
C-931 is the one being reported the most currently and this is the error you'll
receive when you can not connect and is related to very high levels of traffic.

CydoniaX - Getting Into PlayStation Home: News Updates 12/12/08
In the meantime, we ask for your patience and suggest you
take a break from PlayStation Home and try to login again later.

PlayStation Home Article - Eurogamer

ZTGD: PlayStation 3 Holiday Buyer's Guide Article
I could see myself getting Valkyria Chronicles or Fallout 3
I have LBP & R2 already.

LittleBigPlanet Finally Notches A Million
It's a "On the Christmas list game" there were too many
other games that came out that people wanted to buy.

Video game sales still going strong
Sales of the PS3 are down about 19% from November 2007. Sony emphasized
that sales of the PlayStation 3 were up 60 percent year-to-date.

The Dark Knight fastest selling Blu-ray of all time; over 25% format share
Nerds & Geeks love HD? Surprise?
Friday, December 05, 2008
Killzone 2 single-player campaign - Joystiq
Trophies: Killzone 2 - PS3 Fanboy
Home beta down Thursday morning for mall stock taking

Atheist group posts "there is no God" display next to nativity scene

News : Why techies love games -- and why it's good they do

LittleBigPlanet v1.05 patch is live

Three Speech: Semi-Official (UK/EU) PlayStation Blog » The PSN update!
LittleBigPlanet - Kabuki Actor costume - FREE

Students Find Planet Outside Our Solar System

Myth about 'dirty old men' supported by science
Gallery: 10 Years of the International Space Station

WarCry Network : News : WoW: Baby Murlocs and More
J!NX : World of Warcraft Talking Murloc Plush Toy

"Prop 8 - The Musical"

Neil Patrick Harris, Margaret Cho, Andy Richter, Maya Rudolph....
J!NX : Dr. Horrible Fan T-Shirt

Sony Tries Virtual World Advertising On PS3: Unlike Second Life, It Might Even Work (SNE)
Second Life Offers Business Teleconferencing, Now Penis-Free

Nintendo's new DSi already hacked
YouTube - Acekard 2i on DSi

Beatings and abuse made Barack Obama’s grandfather loathe the British

BBC NEWS - New flying reptile species found

Behavioral screening -- the future of airport security?
Several Israeli-based technology companies are developing detection
systems that pick up signs of emotional strain, a psychological red
flag that a passenger may intend to commit an act of terror.

Air Force plans to create fourth B-52 squadron at Minot by 2010
Defense secretary says nuclear gaffes unacceptable

B-52 Stratofortress - Wikipedia
First flight 15 April 1952

Bombers B-52 (film) 1957 - Wikipedia

Man jailed for having sex with a horse
Wednesday, December 03, 2008
lbp pb
LBP Level “Azure Palace” Deleted Again. Sony Can’t Say Why, but Promises to “Evolve” Moderation System
It's a great level, but I don't want to have to explain to my kids that the author's icon is the pedobear

He also had a level with more PB images.
I think he removed it or it got moderated away.