Tuesday, February 24, 2009
The Adam Carolla Podcast
In less than 24 hours, the first podcast was downloaded
over a 250,000 times, which is awesome.

2nd Podcast is out
ACP 2009.02.24 Dr Drew and Adam

The Power of Podcasting - Adam Carolla

Pilots: Adam Carolla Is CBS' 'Ace in the Hole'
The comedian will play a husband and dad who works as a driving instructor.
The project is produced by CBS Paramount, BermanBraun and Jackhole Industries,
Carolla's company with Jimmy Kimmel. Carolla also wrote the script with "The Hammer's" write Kevin Hench.
Kevin Hench - IMDB

Warhawk game space hits Home this week

Sackboy of Persia will melt your heart
KILLZONE 2 - A visit from Helghan...
Thursday, February 19, 2009
Adam Carolla
Those F*ckers at CBS Radio have turned their talk radio station into another Top40 station. The main effect is that the Adam Carolla Radio show which I listen to religiously is canceled as of tomorrow. I'm going to go through Adam withdrawls, I was listening to him for near four hours every week day. I'm going to try and archive as many podcasts/shows as I can.

CBS Radio to Change L.A. Station Format
CBS Radio ends its syndication of The Adam Carolla Show

FM talk radio format all talked out? KLSX-FM (97.1) going top 40 Friday
UPDATE 02/19: Carolla announced Thursday morning on 97.1 that he would
start podcasting "The Adam Carolla Show" beginning Monday at adamcarolla.com.

Another One Bites the Dust: 97.1's Last Day is Friday
Friday also happens to be Conan O'Brien's last day on the air.

Adam Carolla Podcast on PodcastAlley.com

Adam Carolla Podcast > Episode Archive - Odeo
Tuesday, February 10, 2009
Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X demo this week
Co-op enabled for up to 4 players – Jump in/Jump out
Gain experience points and unlock up to three real, licensed planes in the demo:
o F-16A Fighting Falcon
o SU-35 Super Flanker
o AV-8B Harrier II
Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. - Wikipedia

Killzone 2 servers are not live

Trophy Patch: Age of Booty

Preview: A Quick Look At Bomberman Ultra

Here is part two of our New York Comic-Con cosplay journey
Nycc '09: The Cosplay of NYCC (Part 1)

Rep. Kanjorski: $550 Billion Disappeared in "Electronic Run On the Banks" - Boing Boing
If they had not done that their estimation was that by two o'clock that afternoon,
five-and-a-half trillion dollars would have been drawn out of the money market system
of the United States, would have collapsed the entire economy of the United States,
and within 24 hours the world economy would have collapsed."

BBC NEWS | US unveils new $1.5 trillion plan

Corvette is fastest of them all

Police: Sex Assault Suspect Met Teen Through Internet Role-Playing Game
Police: Man, girl met in 'World of Warcraft,' had sex
Wednesday, February 04, 2009

EA's Delays, Announcements & Results In Summary
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will be released no later than April 2010.

More Battlefield: Bad Company On The Way

AFP: Comcast apologizes for Super Bowl porn

Porn Clip Penetrates Super Bowl Broadcast - TMZ.com
Super Bowl Porn Chick Sucks Up the Attention - TMZ.com

Warhammer Online has 300k subscribers
Love Hurts: Warhammer Online Celebrates Love With Murder

Lily Allen - It's Not Me, It's You - Wikipedia
February 9, 2009 ?
It said Feb 4th earlier today

BBC NEWS | Telescope sees smallest exoplanet

Killzone 2 on Playstation 3 Unofficial Site