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Thursday, July 31, 2003

eMule Plus - The eye candy eMule Mod
The Silent-Bob
Official eMule-Board (Powered by Invision Power Board)
Official eMule-Board -> Server Blacklisting - What Gives

Building an eDonkey2000 server on linux/FreeBSD
Google Search: "hash stealer" No Entries?

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Pentagon: China Gearing for Taiwan Attack
Pentagon says China refitting missiles to hit (US Forces in) Okinawa
Beijing plans 'Taiwan attack'
Fast attack strategy: Missiles aim at Taiwan

2 U.S. soldiers killed; 5 wounded
British report finds Iraq war may have drawn recruits to al-Qaida
ICC Looks at Allegations Against UK Troops in Iraq

sars-boobies (21k image)

CBC | Toronto Rocks
Toronto unsure of SARS concert's effect
CBC Ottawa - More than 400,000 expected at concert
Satisfaction? Not on TV ...
There were 450,000 stories...

rb-flyer-02 (9k image)rb-flyer-01 (9k image)

Skydiver in record Channel flight
Felix wings it over Dover
Extreme Skydiver Felix Baumgartner Crossed the Channel

502 world - www.felixbaumgartner.com
Welcome at Hangar-7
Flying Bulls
Aviation Photos - Search Result
Red Bull AirPower2003 - Austria Photo Gallery by Andreas Stoeckl at pbase.com
RED BULL SPEED RUN in Kitzbhel - Austria
Bikestore Austria American Thunder Cycles Red Bull

Digital Exposure :: Austria 2001


ABiography for Sarah Silverman
Became the girlfriend of comedian/TV host Jimmy Kimmel
in 2002 following Kimmel's divorce from wife Gina.


Irene Grandi >>T a t o o v i a g g i o

The Bitter Single Guy


The Great Bamboosical - A Vegetarian Musical Comedy
Alexander Ruas - pictures

Fighting Falcon

I never get tired of seeing this picture.
gay-rpide-fun (11k image)
I am missing all the fun, not going to Gay Pride Festivals/Parades.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

ragged-mnt-04 (32k image)

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Secret networks protect music swappers
I'm on three right now. Oops not a secrets now.
Of course they only have one user.

Sony Gaming Handheld to Boast LAN
PSP Specs Revealed
PSX Gets "Dramatic" Price
Using WiFi For Home Media Broadcasting

Star Trek's Vulcan gets a heart
Please don't watch this program. Buy yourself the new DVDs of the old episodes,
and whenever we come on just put that in. Don't watch it, because it will hurt.

FBI targets Net phoning as threat
Chinese V-Dragon chip now on sale
RIAA Chief's Republican Pedigree

Battlecraft 1942 editor v1.1
PlanetBattlefield - EOD CObra Gunship
It's official, I am never playing the Viet cong ever again.

Operation: Overlord
I was watching a thing on History channel about the Panzerfaust.

More riduclous? Left or Right?
riduclous-2 (9k image)riduclous-1 (5k image)

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Victims of trigger-happy Task Force 20
Lethal force deals a blow to hearts and minds campaign
Bloody U.S. Raid in Baghdad Leaves Iraqis Furious

'Saddam' Tape Acknowledges Deaths of Sons
Bush Denies Saudi Request to Declassify Parts of 9/11 Report

U.S. to pay $230 million for Polish-led Iraq force
At least we can rent out some of our allies

Tight Neckties Linked to Glaucoma Risk

Lesbian stripper admits sex murder
Lesbian killers broken by sentence

Can A Married Woman Commit Adultery With a Lesbian?

(Teenage) Girl arraigned in attack on lesbian
Poll says N.J. voters back gay marriage

Row over statue with 2ft erection in Salzburg
Huge erection causes blushes on the eve of Royal visit

RIAA will take 2191.78 years to sue everyone
Prison Rape Gets Attention (of a Congressman)

Greg Lindeman was convinced he was Jesus
Lindeman, 45, killed himself Friday, jumping from a seven-story parking
garage at the Ohio State University Medical Center, authorities said.

Steward Stuns Passengers with In-Flight Streak
Nude Motorcyclists Gather for Festivities

Saudis and Bush To Meet Over 9/11 Allegations

Democratic Lawmakers Flee Texas Again
New Mexico state police guarded the hotel, partly out of concern
that "bounty hunters" might show up to whisk the lawmakers away.

morons.org - Note to Tom DeLay: Stop Your Partisan Games; Give Up On Redistricting

aquaskin-browser-01 (6k image)

You never know what I am going to find on the internet.
Download AquaBrowser 0.2 (v53) - Web browser with a Mac look


= EFilmes = EFilmeZ =

Monday, July 28, 2003

Rat-brained robot does distant art


U.S. media still REFUSES to mention Bush sexual assault
lawsuit that Texas woman continues to pursue

Bush sexual assault lawsuit

Plastic Balls Game

TechTV Producer Reveals More Than She Intended On Her Weblog
Cat Swchartz nude!
Cat Schwartz topless :: Helping you kill time at work since 2000
FuckedCompany.com - Official lubricant of the new economy

Life Model - Themed Poses
via Geisha asobi blog

Feedreader | new.media.tool

playwithyourself.co.uk - Big Masturbation Database
Nasty Fake Boobies

US tactics fuel Iraqi anger
"When I see things like this I can understand why people want to drive them out of
our country. If this happens more and more then I will also join this resistance."

Iraqi group threatens "holy war"
US troops in Iraq 'are terrorist magnet'

A stash of Viagra, a condom and 60million in cash.
The Money worth three times the 20m bounty that America put on their heads.

On the Lightier side...
Eric Margolis: Terms of engagement
Coalition - U.S. British invaders, plus some troops from rent-a-nations like Romania and Poland.
Dictator - A ruler you don't like, or who does not cooperate.
Statesman - A cooperative dictator.

French - Insubordinate ingrates and depraved chain-smokers who had the nerve
to try to block the jolly little war in Iraq, and now sneer, "we told you so."

Canadians - A bunch of pot-smoking, pinko, wimp nancy boys who marry their
best friends and refuse to obey orders from the Great White Father in Washington.
via Alex

Flag Etiquette
The flag should never have placed on it, or attached to it, any mark,
insignia, letter, word, number, figure, or drawing of any kind.

Then why is the President autographing them??
dumbass-signing-the-flag (10k image)
Beaver Aerospace, Michigan, July 23, 2003.

via Chapel Perilous

Baghdad attack kills 1 U.S. soldier, injures 3 others
The attacker dropped a grenade from an overpass onto a convoy.

troop-injured-01 (33k image)

Iraqi Killed as Shooting Erupts at Anti-US Protest

karb-protest (40k image)

'Third Gulf war' warning as more US troops die
CSIS military specialist Anthony Cordesman says the US has not learned the lessons
of past conflicts, that "even the best military victories cannot win the peace".

"Unless this situation changes soon, and radically, the United States may end up fighting
a third Gulf war against the Iraqi people . . .
It is far from clear that the United States can win this kind of asymmetric war."

Troops in Iraq Undaunted, U.S. Officer Says

Sunday, July 27, 2003

eMule Plus - The eye candy eMule Mod
26.07.2003 NEW! eMule Plus 1g released!

fuck-you-press (32k image)
U.S. troop expressing feeling toward the press at the scene of one of the latest attacks.

U.S. Troops Jumpy After Fresh Attacks in Iraq

4 more U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq

Slashdot | SETI@Home Publishes Skymap
Stellar Countdown Yields Skymap

North Korean nuke test threat
North Korea is prepared to conduct a nuclear test unless the United States
responds positively to its proposals for resolving a row over Pyongyang's weapons ambitions

Group Posts Program That Exploits Windows
The program, posted on the group's Web site, takes advantage of a vulnerability
in nearly all versions of Microsoft's Windows operating system, including Windows
Server 2003, touted as Microsoft's safest ever.

EFF: File Sharers: See If the Recording Industry Is After You
EFF: RIAA Subpoena Database

Child credit check not in mail for US working poor
That Sucks, Great, I didn't even know I am the working poor.
Thank you IRS, I thought I was really low middle class.

Child tax credit checks welcome, but some parents question wisdom of the payouts

IRS mails out child tax credit checks

Opinion: A logic steeped in cruelty

Among soldiers in Iraq, despair and frustration take root

Four U.S. Soldiers Charged With Abuse
The four military police from a Pennsylvania-based Army Reserve unit are
accused of punching, kicking and breaking bones of prisoners at Camp Bucca,
the largest U.S.-run POW camp in Iraq.

Amnesty: Iraqis Complain of Torture by U.S. Forces

Saturday, July 26, 2003

Visitors today: 636 wtf? on a Saturday

Google Search: video of Saddams sons bodies
Yahoo! Search Results for photos of saddams dead sons
Google Search: sadam sons photos
Google Search: qusay photo
Yahoo! Search Results for Qusay photo
Yahoo! Search Results for uday photo

Oh yeah That Post
I am really surprised on a weekend people are looking up stuff.

oh-yeah-02 (9k image)

Amazon.com: DVD: Equilibrium (2002)

Just saw this movie and I loved it. Looks like it's has already developed a cult status.
I haven't been this exicited about a movie in a very long time.
Fuck the critics, I remember watching as a kid the Thin and Fat guy rip into Bladerunner.
(By the way the Fat guy liked this one) My wife agrees with me that it was than the Matrix.
That movie never grabbed me this one did.

Equilibrium (2002)

Random Abstract- 12/02/2002: "Equilibrium"
Equilibrium the film you MUSt see...

Grammaton Cleric
Grammaton Cleric - nieoficjalna polska strona filmu Equilibrium

oh-yeah-01 (9k image)

Friday, July 25, 2003

Insects crawl out of boy's eye
Just like crazy insect story like Fly Boy

I found this weblog <...turningtables...>
a few or two ago.

It's inspired another one. soldier's paradise
It just amazes me to be able to read this kind of stuff from troops over there.

Investigation undermines Bush's 911 claims
The most controversial element of the report will be what it does not contain.
At the insistence of the Bush administration, 28 pages discussing evidence of
foreign government support for the hijackers was deleted from the declassified version.

Yes - in 10 years we may have no bananas
Thats pretty hard to imagine a world without bananas.

My Favorite Vegetarian Recipe
First, catch one vegetarian....
via The Presurfer

Korea's Weird Wired World

It's Friday! Random Porn, via SE (of course).
Index of /pics

Experts believed no Iraqi WMD in 2001: analysts
"We can't say at this point 'I told you so,' (but) anybody who had anybody on the
ground (in Iraq) or was reading the actual intelligence could have predicted this."

Bush: U.S. Working Hard to Find Iraq WMD
"When it's all said and done," Bush said Monday, "the people of the United
States and the world will realize that Saddam Hussein had a weapons program."

Wolfowitz says finding weapons of mass destruction is now secondary

The President Should Stop Saying Things That Aren't True
Moments later, Bush added: "The larger point is, and the fundamental question is,
did Saddam Hussein have a weapons program? And the answer is, absolutely.
And we gave him a chance to allow inspectors in, and he wouldn't let them in.
And, therefore, after a reasonable request, we decided to remove him from power."
(Emphasis added.) This was outlandishly, transparently false.
Saddam allowed Hans Blix and his team of United Nations inspectors into Iraq
in November. It was Bush's determination to invade not Saddam's actionsthat
cut the inspections short.

I don't think this story has had much of any coverage in the United States, Dr David Kelly
A sad story about a smart man caught between the press and politics takes his own life.
How the truth killed Dr Kelly
Blair, BBC both taking hits in weapons dossier battle
Blair popularity plunges after scientist's death

BBC NEWS | MoD expert was 'unused to spotlight'
BBC NEWS | Timeline: Row over BBC report

Howstuffworks "How E-mail Works"

Bill Gates Wealth Index - Bill Gates Net Worth Page - Bill Gates Personal Wealth Clock

"If you want to know what God thinks about money, just look at the people He gives it to."
- Old Irish Saying

A Quote from Mr. Spock

I never heard this story about a Joe Scarborough
Aide dieing under very strange circumstances.

Scarborough aide laid to rest
Scarborough aide dies
Autopsy report on aide released
Examiner: Klausutis' death was accidental
Aide's death still a mystery
Details emerge in aide's death
EDITORIAL - An untidy wrap-up for Klausutis case

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Many Iraqis Unswayed by Grisly Photos
Cheney Says Failing to Attack Iraq Would Have Been 'Irresponsible'

9/11 report: No Iraq link to al-Qaida

Hill's 9/11 Probe Finds Multiple Failures

Congressional Reports: Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities
before and after the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001

Fully armed Nazi bomber planes 'buried below East Berlin airport'

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Whats the point to all these Urban Myths if people keep disproving them.

(Hunting for Bambi)
(Baby Ink)
(Drill Sergeant)

At least Fly (Fly Boy) is real.

Photo Gallery (Brown Recluse) I hope thats not real.

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Your Ultimate Purity Score Is...
CategoryYour Score Average
When I think about you - or anyone - I touch myself
It takes a couple of drinks
Sex Drive 86.8%
The Pope is envious
Knows the other body type like a map
Gayness 91.1%
Repressed, are we?
Fucking Sick95.6%
Refreshingly normal
You are 66.5% pure
Average Score: 72.3%

I dunno is I would want to be in the front row, but I would like to see an Extreme Elvis show.
buffoonery.org | 07.20.03

extreme (7k image)
eXtreme Elvis
Interview - Extreme Elvis - SuperPunk.com
Every Man (and Woman) an Elvis
eXtreme Elvis vs. Los Angeles
Sin City Sounds Spotlight - eXtreme Elvis at the Double Down Saloon
Las Vegas Mercury: Sick and wrong

Bahraini company makes bold wireless claim in Iraq
Batelco, boldly spent $5 million in the past five weeks setting up its own wireless
network in Baghdad without seeking permission of the U.S.-led occupation authority.
Thats just too funny.

Mass extinction feared from carbon stored under Earth's crust
Panspermia: Spreading Life Through the Universe

Music-Sharing Subpoenas Targets Parents
Chilling Effects Clearinghouse
EFF: Let the Music Play

Home of MultiProxy and Anonymous proxy list

Point-Counterpoint: Technology - Dell Dimension 4100 vs. Vicki Helmholz
Jesus Christ. Where should I start with this ignorant cow? - Dell Dimension 4100

Warp2Search.Net - Doom 3 Multiplayer Demo @ QuakeCon 2003
Doom 3 in 2004 ?
Half-life 2 not for nvidia cards ?
Unreal Mod based on the events of September 11th

Iraqis Demand to See Bodies of Saddam's Sons
Iraqis demanded the corpses should be dragged through the streets as proof they were dead.

The first photos they released could have been Bin Laden they were bad.
I think as sick as i