CSI  / Zev'Nar - Bits of EvE Knowledge

This is basic info I found about EVE Online off various sites or forums
that I need or needed at one time. I am formatting it for the IGB in game
browser for that same reason.

Zev'Nar - In EVE Skills (or lack of)

Zev'nar @ Avatar United

Zev'nar @ Gax

The Golden Rules of EVE

New Players Guide to EVE

1 Million Tips for EVE Online Players

Agent Mission Type Breakdown

Hi-Sec Complex List

Basic Asteroid/Ore Breakdown

Pirate Damage/Restist Types

Basic Combat Skills
Basic Ship Skills You Should Have
Skill Group / Attributes
Getting a Jumpclone
Gun Ranges

Keyboard Shortcut Commands

Drone Guide

Detailed Ore Mineral Breakdown
Pirate & and their sub Faction

Surviving Low Sec/0.0 Space

Armor/shield compensation skills explained

New Players Guide to Tanking

Tanking 101 - 101b
Defense Guide

EVE Trading HUBS


Capital Ship Locations in 0.5-1.0 space
EVE on the IRC
Battleship TIPs & HELP!!!

In Game Browser Sites
Eve Geek/Stacking
Eve Central.com

Random Bits

Thoughts on PVP....
PvP? Not really for me. I want to play EVE to relax and take my mind off work,
even though playing and working are so intertwined in my case. Too much work to PvP.

- CCP kieron

Salvaging other peoples wrecks....
This is an intended game mechanic and is in no way an exploit.
People salvaging your missions npcs or the player you just blew
up are doing nothing wrong. The players are salvaging what is
effectively floating rubbish in space and Concord places no value
on this wreckage.

Eve is a harsh place you won't always have everything go your way,

its a do or die world and people do what they can to get along.
If salvaging some wreckage gets them a few more ISK someone
will do it, it doesn't matter who just blew it up.
- GM Faolchu