Armor/Shield compensation skills

[Mechanic category]
EM Armor Compensation / Explosive Armor Compensation / Kinetic Armor Compensation / Thermic Armor Compensation

[Engineering category]
EM Shield Compensation / Explosive Shield Compensation / Kinetic Shield Compensation / Thermic Shield Compensation

Note: Shield Compensation is not part of this group of skills; it affects shield boosters, as should be clear from it’s description.

All compensation skills work the same, only the resistance type varies per skill and whether it affects armor or shield resistances.

These skills affect two different types of modules, confusingly called ‘active hardeners’ and ‘passive hardeners’.
Usually when talking about resistance modules, all things referred to as ‘hardeners’ are active modules – meaning that these modules have to be activated ause capacitor to run. It are the modules in the categories Armor Hardeners and Shield Hardeners on the market (see how they are called ‘hardeners’ ingame too?).
‘Passive hardeners’ are resistance modules which do not use capacitor and do not have to be activated; they always have an effect when fitted, but their effect is smaller than the effect of hardeners. The passive modules are called Resistance Plating and Energized Plating for armor and Shield Resistance Amplifiers for shield.

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