EVE Online Keyboard Commands

Press "Esc" go to "Shortcuts" tab.

There's your list,

Ctrl-F = FPS display
Ctrl-F9 = Hide UI toggle (far superior to Ctrl-Tab since you don't have to let go of Ctrl first)
Ctrl-Shift-Alt-F12 = toggle sound
Ctrl-F11 = Scanprobe/Directional Scanner display
F10 = Map

/me = chat emote, also /emote

Ctrl-Space = Stop Ship

Theres crtl+shift+alt+tab for window menu

crtl+shift+alt+m for monitor

crtl+shift+alt+t for turret effects toggle

crtl+shift+alt+e for all effects toggle

Control + Space is useful, sometimes when you can't

click yourself to bring up the damn stop command

Control + R: Reload all guns/bays

Control+Alt+Shift+f12: sound on/off is also quite useful

1) CTRL + tab, or CTRL + F9. Same button to reshow the UI again.

2) CTRL ALT SHIFT + T disables turrets effects, CTRL ALT SHIFT + E

disables all other effects. Main thing you want to do in big combat tough,

is disable your sound. And, if you can, zoom out all the way

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