Surviving Low Sec Space? (0.4 and lower)


2. Safe spot, safe spot, safe spot.

3. The cloaking device is your friend. Become aquainted ASAP. In fact, never leave empire without one.
4. The rats(and rocks) will still be there when the reds move on. WARP THE FRACK OUT!

5. Always maintain alignment to a safe spot when ratting. The less turning you've got to do to line up for warp, the faster you get your butt out of the line of fire.

6. Warp to 100km. Do not worry about the rats. If you shoot them, they will come. If you're mining, pick a rock as far from the default warp in location as possible. Bookmark that rock, warp to there, not the location marker.

In 0.0, if you are not the hunter, you're prey. Be smart prey, and your ship will pay for itself before it gets shot out from under you.

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