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Playstation 2 Sells out in Japan
Was there any dbout this was gonna happen ?
Ridge Racer 5 Preview
Looks like a great game. This game and Tekken are enough reasons to get a Playstation 2.

(click on image to enlarge)
Reiko Nagase

Date of Birth : 14 / 2 / 75
Place of Birth : Tokyo
Blood Type : A
Height : 165cm /
B : 85cm /
W : 58cm /
H : 86cm /
Weight : 48 kg /
Foot Size : 23cm

Specialty : Swimming, Playing Guitar
Hobby : Motoring, Marine Sports, Making Souffle Favorite
Food : Minestrone, Pear, Potato Chips
Favorite Game : Pacman, Smash Court Spends
Days Off : Making Souffle, Shopping, Walking her pet dog
Future Dream : To become an astronaut

Ai Fukami - Namco Girl for Playstation 2 Ridge Racer 5
I don't know why but for the playstation 2 / Ridge Racer 5
They have created a new computer generated Racing Girl.
(50k) (click on image to enlarge)
(188k) (click on image to enlarge)
(46k) (click on image to enlarge)

(looks too much like Reiko.
Note mole & collar)

Screen Shot PS2 Ridge Racer V
From what I understand she is not prerendered in the game, she is polygons 3D rendered on the fly

1024 x 768 wallpaper (142k)

Reiko Nagase Gallery - (click images2 to enlarge)

And of Course the Cars.. - (click image to enlarge)



Reiko Nagase in the R-Type 4 - Namco Mpeg Movie

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